Information Management and Information Technology


Name Title Telephone Number
Alexandre Lantin-Lacroix (!) IT Security Analyst, Corporate Services 450-926-5185
Alexis Gagnon Programmer, Applications Development 450-926-6648
Anne Langlois Database Analyst, Database and Data Administration 450-926-6756
Anne Dauphinais Support Analyst, User Support 450-926-4891
Anne Marie LaBrèque Information and Data Analyst 450-926-6404
Annie Hébert Team Leader, Application Development/Database and Data Admin. 450-926-6604
Antoinette Cickello (!) Librarian, Multimedia Center 450-926-4907
Aurore Rubi Analyst, Document Management of Configuration Management 450-926-4577
Bruno Lafleur (!) Advisor, IT Assets Management 450-926-4854
Carole Bertrand (!) Assistant, Document Management Configuration 450-926-4590
Catherine Labelle Analyst, Document Management 450-926-4901
Christian Robidas Programmer, Applications Development 450-926-4797
Christian Dubé Analyst, Document Management 450-926-6682
Claudine Chartrand Manager, Information Management 450-926-5113
Daniel Tremblay Clerk, Mail Management 450-926-4896
Denise Hébert-Roy Executive Assistant 450-926-4852
Domitille Bucumi (!) Clerk, Informatic Software and Materials 450-926-4602
Elena Lewkowitz Analyst, Document Management 450-926-6681
Éric Laberge (!) Programmer-Analyst, Applications Development (System Admin.) 450-926-5779
Fernand Chevalot Supervisor, Configuration Management Library 450-926-4580
Geneviève Michaud Chief, Records and Mail Management 450-926-6523
Ghislain Gouin (!) Programer Analyst, Application Development (Development) 450-926-4860
Giovanni Giolti Programmer-Analyst, Applications Development (Modeling) 450-926-6696
Gregory Rock Support Analyst, User Support 613-991-2734
Guy Pomerleau (!) Analyst, integration and Software 450-926-5776
Hélène Bergeron (!) Programmer, Applications Development 450-926-6563
Jacques Rinfret Coordinator, IT Security 450-926-5001
Jason Dube (!) Team Leader, User Support 450-926-6608
Jean Hermano Charles (!) Analyst, project management 450-926-6721
Jean-Pierre Dupuis Coordinator, Records Room 450-926-4899
Jean-Sebastien Hunter Analyst, Correspondence Management System 450-926-6523
Josée Saint-Marseille Chief Information Officer 450-926-4851
Karim Hallal (!) Chief, IT Assets Management 450-926-5053
Kosta Gerogianis Analyst, Integration and Software 450-926-4892
Louise Blanchet (!) Assistant, Document Management Configuration 450-926-4579
Marie-Eve Desbiens-Girard (!) Senior Executive Assistant 450-926-4453
Marie-Hélène D'André Spécialiste de l'information 450-926-4906
Marie-Pierre Boucher (!) Documentation Technician 450-926-4904
Martin Trudeau Manager, Information Technology 450-926-5137
Martin Gagnon Library Technician 450-926-4905
Mateusz Gola Analyst, Integration and Software 450-926-4930
Nancy Tremblay (!) Analyst, Integration and Software 450-926-4930
Nathalie Levesque Conseiller(ère) principal(e) / Senior advisor 514-496-2403
Nathalie Lévesque (!) Coordonnatrice Accès à l'information and renseignements 450-926-4866
Ninon Lagacé Programmer-Analyst, Applications Development (Modeling) 450-926-5140
Olivier Brisson Programmer Analyst, Application Development (Analyse) 450-926-4448
Patrice Antoine Analyst, User Support 450-926-4965
Paul Ryan Analyst, IT Assets Management 450-926-6610
Philippe Dumont Programmer Analyst, Application Development (Development) 450-926-6541
Rémy Levesque (!) Analyst, Document Management 450-926-6404
Richère Martel Programmer, Applications Development 450-926-4798
Ruth Esther Hwang Documentation Technician 450-926-4904
Sandra Lemaire Analyst, Document Management 450-926-4561
Si Wei An (!) Advisor, IT Assets Management 450-926-5777
Sonia Baribeau Assistant, Document Management Configuration 450-926-4578
Sonia Fontaine (!) Analyst, Document Management 450-926-4900
Sonia Dupuis (!) Chief, Records and Mail Management 450-926-5847
Thai Phong Tran (!) Advisor, IT Assets Management 450-926-6608
Vlad Aioanei-Stefan (!) Technician, IT Client Services 450-926-7704
Yannick Maltais Programmeur, Applications Development 450-926-6421
Yves Guérin Advisor, IT Asset Management 450-926-5053
Yves Therrien (!) Senior Technician, User Support 450-926-4924