Visitor Experience


Name Title Telephone Number
Annique Latrémouille Supervisor, Hosts/Hostesses & Guides 613-235-7053 x2074
Anouk Adam Assistant, Education & Interpretation 613-410-3097
Bryan Casey (2017) Education and Interpretation Officer 613-991-2983
Catherine Emond Officer, Education & Interpretation 613-235-7053 x2078
Corrie Bouskill Officer, Interpretation 613-235-7053 x2077
Daniel Filion Supervisor, Hosts/Hostesses & Guides 613-235-7053 x2087
Jonathan Jerome Coordinator, Elementary STEAM Program 613-235-7053 x2068
Kristen Abraham Coordinator, CSTM Facility Sales and Events 613-235-7053 x2080
Line Pivin Director, Visitor Experience 613-325-7053 x2072
Marc Cayer Supervisor, Hosts/Hostesses & Guides
Michelle Campbell Mekarski Science Advisor, CSTM 343-297-4021
Science Mobile Science Mobile - Visitor Experience 613-991-3044 x2051
Valérie Lefebvre (2018) Coordinator, Education & Interpretation 613-371-3546