Governance and Legal Affairs


Name Title Telephone Number
Alison Lawford Director, Governance and Legal Affairs, and Corporate Secretary 613-990-2867
Gregory Houle (2018) ATIP 613-949-5801
Isabella Falsetto (2020) Administrator, ATIP 613-998-9559
Isabella Zanetti (2018) Administrator, ATIP 613-998-9559
Isabelle Lafreniere Specialist, Corporate Governance Programs 613-998-1005
Marc Gagne (2018) ATIP 613-998-9559
Maria Krioutchkova (2020) Specialist, Access to Information and Privacy 613-949-5801
Marie-Josee Duford Executive Assistant to the President and Assistant Corporate Secretary 613-991-3475
Melanie Levesque Specialist, Governance Law and Portfolio Integration
Melanie Vouriot (2018) Administrative Assistant 613-998-9548
Michel Barthe Administrator, ATIP 613-998-9559
Nathalie Bourgeois (2018) Administrator, ATIP 613-949-5801
Philippe Ouellette (2020) Specialist, Access to Information and Privacy
Thomas Pisarek Coordinator, Operations Coordination