Human Resources


Name Title Telephone Number
Alexandre Lecompte Human Resources, Project Assistant (Student)
Andrea Copeland Human Resources Business Partner 613-998-1004
April Clavel-Cholette Human Resources Business Partner
Ashvin Ramdin Specialist, Policy and Programs
Ashvinsingh Ramdin (2021) Program Specialist, Diversity and Inclusion and EE
Brian Paton (2020) Director, Human Resources 613-971-2387
Connie-Lechelle Landry (2021) Administrative Assistant, VP, Fin. & HR and CFO 613-949-7930
David Mugford Human Resources Business Partner 613-991-6598
Dienabou Sow (2021) Manager, Human Resources - Service Delivery 613-998-9524
Djibril Ka Human Resources Business Partner
Elaine Warren (2019) Director, Human Resources 613-998-9539
Emma Pawlikowski Coordinator, Programs
Erica Tracey Coordinator, Talent Acquisition
France Constantineau Human Resources Business Partner 613-990-5761
Hedieh Azad Program Specialist, Diversity Inclusion and Employee
Hibo Nuuh (2019) Coordinator, Staffing 613-949-0880
Ian Quane (2020) Team Leader, Programs and Policy 613-998-0058
Inna Karasik Team Leader, Compensation and Payroll Services
Jenna Parks-Thomas Specialist, Policy and Programs 613-998-9534
Jessica Foster (2020) Coordinator, Staffing 613-991-4866
Jolene Lau (2020) Coordinator, Staffing 613-991-0735
Joshua Wamanga (2019) Administrative Assistant, Human Resources 613-998-9534
Julie Sevigny (2018) Coordinator, Staffing 613-991-4866
Julie Paiement Coordinator, Payroll Services
Junyoung Park (2021) Compensation and HRIS Specialist 613-949-7717
Justin Lovegrove Coordinator, Talent Acquisition
Kimberly Morgan Manager, Human Resources 613-990-7592
Lory Hovsepian (2018) Coordinator, Health and Wellness 613-949-7717
Lynda Brunet Administrator, Compensation and Benefits 613-998-4529
Lynn Nassif (2020) Coordinator, Employment Equity and Diversity 613-991-0735
Michael Taylor (2021) Program Specialist (DI/EE)
Michelle Scheidegger Team Leader, Talent Acquisition 613-949-0880
Misty Giroux Manager, Human Resources ? Organizational DevelopmenDevelopmen
Myriam Robillard (2019) Administrator, Compensation and Benefits 613-949-7717
Natalie Houle (2018) Team Leader, Health and Wellness
Nathalie Craig Coordinator, Payroll Services 613-991-3494
Nathalie C Houle Program Specialist, Wellness and Job Evaluation 613-991-0983
Robin Fraser (2020) Coordinator, Employment Equity and Diversity 613-998-4113
Saleeha Salman Specialist, Policy and Programs 613-998-1252
Sati Naraine (2020) Coordinator, Payroll Services 613-998-9544
Shawna Arbuthnot Manager, Compensation and Benefits 613-998-1007
Shona Turnbull Human Resources, Project Assistant (Student)
Stephanie Izzard (2019) Advisor, Human Resources 613-998-1004
Sylvie Charbonneau Administrator, Compensation and Benefits 819-921-8757
Tam Huynh Compensation and HRIS Specialist
Victoria Howard (2022) Administrative Assistant, VP, Fin. & HR and CFO 613-991-5566
Viji Ketheeswaran Coordinator, Payroll Services 647-767-1459