Ottawa Site Office


Name Title Telephone Number
Adam Khamphoune (2018) Technical Specialist, Project Management 613-763-0815
Aleksandar Janjic Coordinator, Project Management 819-775-4543
Alessandro Ferrante Coordinator, Construction Services 613-993-1465
Alicia Phinney (2016) Coordinator, Construction Services 613-747-6676( x223)
Allison MacFadden Team Leader, Environmental Services
Andrew Buchan Site Manager 613-993-4887
Brandon McParlan Coordinator, Environmental Services 613-949-7921
Craig Patterson (2020) Technical Specialist, Project Management 613-945-2849
Daniel Campeau Technical Specialist, Fire & Life Safety 613-991-4081
David Yashima-Kiobola Coordinator, Project Management
Dean Scowen (2018) Technical Specialist, Fire & Life Safety 613-229-4117
Dimitry Belsky (2020) Technical Specialist, Project Management 613-949-5853
Dominique Tremblay Technical Specialist, Project Management
Elizabeth Gardner Coordinator, Construction Services
Elizabeth Bigelow-Velasquez-Guillen Administrative Assistant 613-991-9123
Eric Nadeau Technical Specialist, Fire and Life Safety 819-775-7492
Erin Harding Technical Specialist, Project Management 613-993-2234
Ganesh Nandram Technical Specialist, Real Property Management 613-838-4756 x2428
Graham Yantha Team Leader, Construction Services 613-949-7337
Gregory Ainley Technical Specialist, Fire and Life Safety 819-775-4553
Ian Adams Technical Specialist, Fire & Life Safety 819-775-4546
Janette Brodeur (2017) Site Manager 613-949-9713
Jason Malone (2017) Coordinator, Construction Services 613-838-4756 x2704
Jerzy Wozniak Technical Specialist, Project Management 613-993-2205
John Reed (2019) Coordinator, Construction Services 613-998-0999
Jonathan Ormrod Technical Specialist, Real Property Management 613-993-2166
Kenneth Budel (2019) Technical Specialist, Program Management 613-993-9232
Laurent Longval Technical Specialist, Fire & Life Safety 613-763-0610
Lori Sabourin Coordinator, Facility Management 613-555-5555
Matthew Knapp (2019) Coordinator, Environmental Services 613-949-6900
Michael Heney Technical Specialist, Project Management 613-990-4311
Michelle Carriere Team Leader, Programs 613-949-6905
Mitchell Barrette Coordinator, Construction Services 613-838-4756( x2103)
Natalie Bohm Coordinator, Facility Management 613-555-5555
Olga Kovalchuk Team Leader, Project Management 613-327-0916
Paul Champagnie (2018) Team Leader, Real Property Management 613-838-4756(2135)
Radoslaw Krochmalski Team Leader, Project Management 613-991-9132
Rick Pickell Technical Specialist, Fire and Life Safety 819-775-4545
Robert Turner Coordinator, Construction Services
Ronald-Mark MacIsaac Coordinator, Construction Services
Samantha Crepin Administrative Assistant 613-991-9123
Sami Tabikh (2020) Coordinator, Project Management
Scott Carruthers Coordinator, Construction Services 613-838-4756 x2103
Segun Tokunbo Orimoloye (2018) Technical Specialist, Project Management 613-949-9705
Shafia Janjua (2020) Technical Specialist, Project Management 819-990-2830
Shannon Henrich Administrative Assistant 613-949-7920
Shanta Wilson (2018) Technical Specialist, Project Management 819-994-0594
Shelley Savoy Program Leader 819-990-2830
Simone-Ashley Gobin Administrative Assistant 613-991-9123
Snezana Socaci (2017) Team Leader, Project Management 613-993-2398
Tamara Van Dyck Coordinator, Environmental Services 613-995-9741
Tommy Yeung Team Leader, Construction Services 613-991-9120
Vincent Lareau Team Leader, Fire and Life Safety 613-555-5555
Youcef Cherid Coordinator, Construction Services