Deputy Minister's Office


Name Title Telephone Number
Angela Bilmer Manager, Correspondence and Business Services 613-993-0509
Ashley Butcher Executive Advisor to the Associate Deputy Minister 613-990-0020
Bess Norman A/Manager, Financial Policies Division 613-949-7907
Carol Malko Special Policy Advisor 613-949-3400
Catherine Blewett Deputy Minister 613-993-2200
Claudine Clément Director, Accounting and Financial Policy 613-790-0712
Don Gair Financial Control Officer 613-991-0322
Donald Killens Driver 613-991-3508
Dorothy Wallace Scheduling Coordinator 613-991-4849
Gabriel Istrate (!) Correspondence Analyst 613-992-3474
Geneviève Voyer (!) Manager 613-993-0509
Ginette Mercier (!) Scheduling Coordinator 613-991-4849
Hollie McLean (!) Special Advisor 613-993-1774
Imran Khalid Financial Control Officer 613-991-5771
Jasmine Jarjour Senior Advisor 613-993-1774
Jay Stephen Financial Systems Officer 613-355-6183
Jennifer Murphy Account Representative 855-859-6271
Laurie-Anne Kempton Special Advisor 613-998-3152
Lillian Hopkins (!) Chief of Staff 613-993-9226
Louise-Anne D'Angelo A / Administrative Assistant 613-993-2200
Marie Daigle Administrative Assistant 506-851-7780
Mark Penney Program Officer, Atlantic Fisheries Fund 709-772-7421
Martine de Launière Planning and Coordination Officer 613-949-9160
Mélanie Brunet Chief, Investment Planning and Analysis 613-290-8418
Miriam Trudeau Departmental Assistant 613-947-4557
Pablo Sobrino Special Advisor to the Deputy Minister 613-998-5739
Pierrette Banville Correspondence Officer 613-998-8150
Rachel Clement (!) Correspondence Officer 613-991-0384
Rene Habineza Junior Financial Control Officer 613-991-0285
Robyne Martel (!) Senior Policy Advisor 613-949-3400
Stephanie MacLean Senior Financial Control Officer 613-990-4482
Stephanie McGill (!) Scheduling Coordinator 613-991-4849
Zoe Kahn Chief of Staff 613-993-9226