Office of the Assistant Deputy Minister, Human Resources and Corporate Services


Name Title Telephone Number
Anne Patenaude (2018) Special Advisor 613-282-1317
Anne-Marie Villeneuve Senior Planning and Coordination Officer 613-991-3518
Carol Rouleau Administrative Advisor 613-971-2198
Dominic Laporte Assistant Deputy Minister 613-993-8726
Jennifer Jorgensen Communications Advisor 613-993-8725
Jesse Colliver (2018) Business Analyst 613-868-3913
Johanne Brodeur (2016) Director, Real Property Transformation 613-993-9920
Justine Reynolds Strategic Coordinator 613-851-1778
Kaj Grolle (2016) Strategic Advisor 613-998-8103
Kathleen White (2017) Senior Director, Real Property Transformation 613-993-9248
Martin Dagenais Scheduling Coordinator 613-991-3510
Pamella Bergeron (2019) Document Control and Administrative Officer 613-991-3518
Roland Chow Special Advisor to the Assistant Deputy Minister 613-410-7167
Syed Husainy Executive Advisor 613-998-0775