Office of the Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Policy


Name Title Telephone Number
Alain Belle-Isle Senior Policy Advisor 613-949-0955
Alexandra Strickland Senior Executive Assistant 613-990-9458
Anne Deslauriers (!) Manager, Communications 613-993-7356
Anne Lamar Senior Assistant Deputy Minister 613-993-1808
Ivana Maskovic (!) Senior Integrated Business Management (IBM) Officer 613-990-9459
Jolayne Beaudoin A/Correspondence Coordinator 613-998-1395
Justin Turple Executive Advisor to the Senior ADM 613-993-0823
Lindsey Snow (!) Correspondence Coordinator 613-998-1395
Lindsey Mcdonald A/Senior Executive Assistant 613-990-9458
Sarah Hampel Senior Policy Advisor
Sylvia Gagne Scheduling Assistant 613-998-8759