Name Title Telephone Number
Anne Fournier (2021) Project Officer 506-851-7745
Anne Snow Executive Secretary to the ARDG 902-426-2250
Bernard Haché Program Officer 506-875-1672
Bethany Johnson A/Senior Advisor 902-426-2255
Brenda Bradford (2017) Manager, Atlantis Fisheries Fund 902-426-2581
Brenda Bradford (2020) Program Officer, Atlantic Fisheries Fund 902-407-7710
Chantal Leger Program Officer
David Millar (2016) Associate Regional Director-General 902-426-2250
Deborah Crane Manager, Atlantic Fishereis Fund 902-426-2581
Denise Lang Manager, AFF, NB and PEI 506-866-5378
Erin Lucas Strategic Onboarding Lead 902-426-7218
Jacqueline Deveau (2019) Office Manager 902-426-2255
Jim Mersey (2018) Program Officer - Atlantic Fisheries Fund 902-407-7629
Jocelyn Hiltz Manager, Maritimes Region 902-407-8251
Kahlie Brown Administrative Assistant 902-407-8006
Lester Smith-Camp Account Officer
Lisa Edwards Account Assistant 902-407-7258
Mary-Ellen Valkenier (2022) Regional Director General 902-426-2581
Melvin Coombs (2021) Grants & Contributions Specialist 902-407-7716
Mike Hayes Grants and Contributions Officer 902-399-8364
Nadine MacKay (2018) Special Advisor 902-209-2817
Natalie Bell Program Officer 902-407-7860
Ray Alcock Grants and Contribution Project Officer 902-407-8251
Robert Mcdonald Director, Atlantic Fisheries Fund 902-426-2581
Siobhan McGean Jr. Administrative Assistant 902-407-8251
Stacey Frame Senior Program Officer 902-401-8255
Stephen Lewis Program Officer, Atlantic Fisheries Fund 902-394-7758
Sylvie Tremblay Senior Programme Officer, Atlantic Fisheries Fund 902-407-7732
Sylvie Leblanc Project Officer 506-380-4512
Tracy Jones (2021) A/Office Manager 902-426-2255