Name Title Telephone Number
David Didluck Regional Director, Reconciliation and Partnerships 604-666-0346
Devon Madill Administrative Assistant 604-666-2102
Emma Cassamajor Acting Financial Management Advisor 604-666-0560
Jane-Anne Manson (!) Litigation Manager 604-666-0776
Jennifer Wong Ministerial Correspondence Manager 604-666-3866
Julie Poirier (!) Executive Assistant to the RDG 604-666-1376
Kyle Kaba A/Team Leader, Executive Secretariat 604-666-7102
Mandip Sidhu (!) Administrative Assistant 604-666-7030
Mark Johal Administrative Officer 604-666-1980
Paul Macgillivray Special Assignment 604-666-6098
Rauvyn Johal Administrative Officer 604-666-0630
Rebecca Reid Regional Director General 604-666-6098
Roy Neighbor (!) Manager, Business and Client Services 604-992-1441
Ruby Theilmann Administrative Clerk 604-666-1138
Sharan Johal Case Coordinator 604-666-6508
Susan Farlinger (!) Special Advisor to the Deputy Minister 604-666-7657