Name Title Telephone Number
Blair Goldsmith Senior Compliance Program Officer 604-666-3021
Claire Doucette Chief, Aquaculture, Conservation and Protection 250-286-5811
Corey Bussey Administrative Assistant 604-666-1056
Donn Mottershead Administrative Clerk 604-666-2491
Etienne Laliberte (!) Senior Advisor, Change Management 604-666-6420
Gurneet Dhaliwal Radio Operator 604-607-4186
Jay Fulks RCMP/DFO Liaison Officer 604-666-9137
Kelly Krieger Administrative Assistant 604-666-2491
Kendra Reynolds (!) Administrative Clerk 604-666-2491
Kim Wiebe Regulations Officer 604-666-3643
Leanne Ford Executive Assistant 604-666-3355
Mathew Downey Fishery Officer
Mike Carlson Director, Conservation and Protection 604-666-0604
Randy Nelson Director, Conservation and Protection 604-666-0604
Sean Maloney C&P Chief, Lower Fraser Area
Sherri Green (!) Fishery Officer 604-607-4158
Thomas Hlavac (!) A/Director, Conservation & Protection 604-666-0604