Name Title Telephone Number
Agatha Ho Consultation Advisor 604-363-9052
Alison Chang National Correspondent 604-666-1161
Amy Archinuk (!) Program Officer 604-666-7168
Ange Hill Consultation Advisor, Consultation Secretariat, Policy Branch/Pacific Region 604-666-5295
Angela Stadel Manager, Consultations 604-666-7013
Brandon Wood Economist 604-666-1042
Danielle Perron Economist, Economics and Analysis 604-666-5841
Deborah Phelan (!) Manager, Consultations Secretariat 604-666-7013
Elan Park Partnership and Stewardship Coordinator, Pacific Science Enterprise Centre 604-250-2260
Evan Damkjar Economist 604-666-9421
Gwen More Administrative Assistant, Strategic Policy and Planning 604-666-7168
Heather Wood (!) Senior Policy Analyst, Strategic Policy and Planning 604-666-6099
Jas Sidhu Senior Economist, Economics and Analysis 604-666-3741
Joanne Lawrence Policy Analyst, Strategic Policy and Planning 604-666-7168
Julia MacKenzie Manager, Policy and Planning 604-666-7963
Kate Pankowska (!) Economist 604-666-9421
Kyleen Ennis Manager, Policy and Planning 604-362-0902
Marcelo Lince (!) Executive Assistant 604-666-0385
Melissa Warnock A/Consultations Advisor, Consultations Secretariat, Policy Branch 604-666-5295
Patrick Mahaux Manager, Economics & Analysis 604-666-6570
Sarah Murdoch Regional Director, Policy and Economic Analysis 604-666-1017
Stacee Martin Policy Analyst 604-666-3657
Sukhraj Sihota Senior Analyst 604-666-1024
TRACEY PARKER Economist 604-666-2915