Organization Structure



Name Title Telephone Number
Benoit Bouchard (!) Commissioner 613-992-2945
Camille Mageau Secretary 613-943-6366
Catherine Lee-Johnston Environmental Officer 613-995-9611
Céline Desjardins Administrative Officer, HR and Sciences & Engineering Division 613-995-0259
Christina Chiasson Policy and Communications Analyst 613-995-0185
Christine Blanchet Legal Counsel 613-995-0162
Cindy Warwick (!) Engineering Adviser 613-995-0185
Cynthia Laham (!) Administrative Assistant 613-995-2984
David Fay Senior Engineering Adviser, Water Quantity 613-995-9613
Erika Klyszejko Engineering Advisor 613-995-0113
Glenn Benoy (!) Senior Water Quality and Ecosystem Adviser 613-995-0433
Gordon Walker (!) Chair 613-992-2945
Henry Lickers Commissioner 613-992-2945
Isabelle Reid Executive Assistant 613-992-2945
Jeffrey Laberge Information Management (IM) Analyst 613-995-0152
John Yee Chief, IT 613-995-9640
Lisa Landriault Financial Officer 613-995-2986
Maxime Beauchamp Senior Adviser, Finances and Administration 613-947-7460
Merrell-Ann Phare Commissioner 613-992-2945
Michele D'Amours Public Affairs Advisor 613-947-1420
Nick Heisler Senior Adviser, Stategic Planning & Stakeholder Relations 613-992-8367
Paul Allen Manager, Policy, Programs and Communications 613-943-6400
Pierre Béland Co-Chair 613-992-2945
Pierre-Yves Caux Director, Sciences and Engineering 613-992-5727
Randi Morry Communications Advisor 613-947-1420
Richard Morgan (!) Commissioner 613-992-9199
Robert Phillips Senior Water Quality and Ecosystem Advisor 613-995-0433
Russell Consor Senior Policy Advisor 613-995-0185
Samantha Klaus (!) Environmental Officer 613-995-9611
Sarah Lobrichon Public Affairs Officer 613-992-5368
Shane Zurbrigg Legal Services Counsel 613-947-2527
Tristan Lecompte Physical Science Officer 613-943-6395
Wayne Jenkinson Senior Engineering Advisor, Water Quantity 613-995-9626