Name Title Telephone Number
Aimee Brady Administrative Officer 613-301-8072
Isabelle H Sauvé Administrative Officer 613-854-5867
Kelly Avalos Executive Assistant 613-612-8605
Kerri Lapierre-Moore (2019) Clerk 613-555-1122
Lyndsey Dugdale (2019) Administrative Officer 613-854-5860
Maria Ooi Chief, Planning - Finance 613-617-9172
Mireille Iradukunda Finance and Administration Officer 613-854-5910
Nora Mahmoud Administrative Officer 613-854-5918
Norma Mahon Information and Records Management Services Officer 613-854-5923
Ranko Markovic Manager, Financial Services 613-854-5927
Sylvie Poisson (2019) Project Coordinator 613-854-5925
Terence Roy Manager, Funding Arrangements 613-220-8082
Tim Lamirande Program Support Assistant 613-854-5949