Marketing, Publicity and Advertising


Name Title Telephone Number
Andrea Hossack Communications Officer, NACO 613-947-7000(335)
Annick Huard Marketing Officer, French Theatre 613-947-7000(358)
Bar Morgan Associate Marketing Officer, English Theatre and Dance 613-947-7000(334)
Bobbi Jaimet Senior Marketing Manager, NACO 613-947-7000(545)
Bridget Mooney Senior Marketing Manager 613-947-7000(533)
Carey Van Eden (2019) Publications Officer 613-947-7000(367)
Diane Landry Director of Marketing 613-947-7000(328)
Dion Edmonds Senior Marketing Officer, NACO 613-947-7000 x508
Eleri Evans Marketing and Communications Officer, Dance 613-947-7000( x379)
François Demers Communication Officer, French Theatre 613-947-7000( x396)
James Laing Associate Marketing Officer, NACO 613-947-7000 x323
Jennifer Hirst Marketing Manager 613-947-7000 x353
Jennifer Covert E-Marketing Officer 613-947-7000(776)
Marie-Chantale Labbé Jacques Marketing Officer 613-947-7000(526)
Melynda Szabototh Associate Marketing Officer 613-947-7000( x693)
Odette Laurin Marketing Coordinator, Group Sales 613-947-7000(634)
Sean Fitzpatrick Communications Officer, English Theatre 613-947-7000(389)
Shannon Urie Associate Director of Marketing 613-947-7000(252)
Susan Wallace Administrative Assistant and Financial Coordinator 613-947-7000( x362)