Name Title Telephone Number
Emily Dubeau Scheduling Assistant 819-420-8202
Genevieve Sabourin A/Manager, Executive Services 819-576-2197
Isabelle Aubin Senior Advisor to the Associate Assistant Deputy Minister 613-404-4219
Jessica Bergeron A/Advisor 819-921-1439
Joëlle Levasseur Scheduling Assistant to the Associate ADM 873-353-1317
Kim Brissette Senior Executive Support Officer 613-790-0918
Laurence Chénier Administrative Support Clerk 819-420-8202
Mia Arruda Student 819-360-1397
Michael Mills Associate Assistant Deputy Minister 819-420-8245
nicolas Gorman A/Scheduling Assistant to the ADM 819-420-8202
Pascale Marchand Senior Advisor to the ADM 613-854-7592
Sarah Lance Senior Executive Support Officer 819-431-2206
Scott Stevenson Visiting ADM CLC-PSPC Collaboration 613-816-2974
Stéphan Déry Assistant Deputy Minister 819-420-8246
Tracy Bettencourt Executive Assistant to the Associate ADM 613-295-2378