Quebec Region


Name Title Telephone Number
Anne-Marie Brisson (2021) Administrative Assistant 418-648-4820
Axelle Kayonga Receptionnist 418-648-7373
Celia Barros Santiago (2021) Administrative Assistant 418-648-4820(100)
Élisabeth St-Pierre Regional Veterinary Officer 418-648-4820(308)
Isabelle Fortier Administrative Assistant 418-648-4820(139)
Marianne Le Roy-Audy Administrative Assistant 418-648-7373
Marie-Josée Beaulieu Operations Director 418-368-4762
Marie-Louise Mukandahiro Administrative and Program Support 418-648-4820(127)
Maureen Gallagher Administrative Officer to the Director of operation 418-368-1751
Mélanie Demeules Area Training & Organizational Development Coordinator 418-473-9182
Myriam Halstead (2021) Administrative Assistant/Receptionnist 418-648-4820(103)