Energy and Transportation


Name Title Telephone Number
Angelique Magee Manager, Geomatics and Information Management 819-420-7808
BrandonTomas Mikkelsen Project Engineer 819-307-2135
Chantal Raymond Administrative Advisor 819-420-7854
Claudia Gauthier Program Resources Assistant 819-420-8051
Danika Barleben Administrative Officer 819-420-7768
Debra DeBruyn Manager, Administrative Services 613-894-8762
Dominique Danis Supervisor Administrative Services 819-803-7220
Geoff Johnson 819-420-7479
Josée Lévesque Administrative Assistant 819-805-5289
Julie Tessier Administrative Officer 819-790-7095
Kathie Melo Manager, Admin Services 819-420-8060
Katrine De Melo Supervisor Administrative Services 819-938-5875
Mallory-Caytlin Mason Executive Assistant to Director General
Manon Woodford Program Resource Assistant 819-420-8045
Marcia Golding Administrative Officer, Administrative Services 873-800-3587
Mark Cauchi Director General 819-420-8028
Nancy McAllister Supervisor, Administrative Services 819-420-7601
Nathalie Demers Coordonatrice principale de breffage 819-938-9147
Patrick Doré Supervisor, Administrative Services 819-303-0478
Phil Jonasson Administrative Assistant 819-938-5286
Regiane Balabas Administrative Officer
Roxanne Lavoie Manager, Administrative Services, ETD
Samuel Desjardins Executive assisstant
Sophie Lavigne Supervisor Administrative Services 819-938-4109
Stephanie Lemay Administrative Assistant 343-809-5422
Vanessa Trepanier-Bigras Program Resource Officer 819-420-7970