Test Specimen and Data Management Section


Name Title Telephone Number
Achchuthan Sivakumaran
Anthony Nash Technician 613-990-7879
Ariane April Junior Program Engineer 819-420-7527
Ashley Goddard Senior Program Engineer 819-938-4836
Cole Rogerson Engineering Student
Daniel Richards
Dominic Guillot Project Engineer 819-938-5492
Emily Barnes
Isabella Lejeune Engineering Student
Jean-Francois Roy Section Head 819-938-5687
Jeffery Goodman Manager 613-949-8280
Jeffrey Guthrie Senior Engineer 819-420-7974
Leigh Evans Senior Program Engineer
Lily Yu Senior Program Engineer 819-938-5182
Luc Fugère Senior Project Engineer 873-800-2016
Matthew Domsy Engineering Student
Melissa Figueroa Engineering Student
Monica Lawrence Junior Project Engineer 819-300-7407
Nick Blouin Test Specimen Management Specialist 613-998-9133
Ovie Ekewenu Head - Data Management Unit 819-938-5779
Randa Hamameh Junior Project Engineer 819-938-5988
Spojmai Nawabi Senior Program Engineer 819-938-4618
Stéphane Malette Test Specimen and Technical Operations Manager 613-949-4843
Vanessa Light
Vincent Gabriel Vallee Project Engineer 819-803-2028
Yann Cousineau Technician 613-990-7126
Zeina Hamameh Junior Project Engineer