Digital Technologies


Name Title Telephone Number
Aidan Pine Applications Development Specialist
Alain Désilets Research Officer 613-993-0610
Alain Tchagang Research Officer 613-993-5716
Alexander Elkholy (2019) Co-op Student
Alice Jennings Data Scientist 613-993-6580
Anbo Xu (2019) Co-op Student
Andrea Kubacki Administrative Assistant 613-993-0854
Andrew Scheidl RCO, MATS Program Liaison
Andrew Pender Research Council Officer 613-990-2493
Andriy Drozdyuk Applications Development Specialist 613-993-0600
Anna Kazantseva Research Officer 236-464-0982
Anuradha Surendra Research Support Applications Specialist 613-993-5239
Ari Aharari
Ashkan Ebadi Research Officer 438-356-7602
Asma Touiti (2019)
Berry de Bruijn Team Leader 613-993-0604
Bruno Emond Research Officer 613-993-0154
Caitlin Walker (2019) Coop Student
Camille Beaudry (2019) Co-op Student
Carolyn Watters Chief Digital Research Officer 250-483-7995
Chang Shu Research Officer 613-993-0109
Chaouki Regoui Research Officer 613-993-0145
Cheng Duan (2019) Student
Chi Kiu Lo Research Council Officer 613-993-5205
Christopher Drummond Research Officer, Artificial Intelligenc 613-993-0252
Chunsheng Yang Research Officer 613-993-0262
Claudette Tourigny RC Administration Manager 613-993-0125
Colin Bellinger Research Officer
Cyril Goutte Team Leader 613-993-0805
Daniel McDonald Applications Development Specialist 506-444-0709
Danny Salem Research Council Officer
Danny D'Amours Research Council Officer 506-444-0495
Darlene Stewart Technical Adv, Application Development 613-993-0690
David Carter RCO, Situational Awareness
Diane Franchi Supervisor, Project Management Coordinat 613-993-8061
Diane Pevie Administrative Assistant - Fredericton 506-444-0531
Eddie Santos Application Development Specialist
Edward Spencer Research Officer 506-444-0376
Elizabeth Scarlett Senior Programmer Analyst 613-993-0248
Emil Harvey (2019) Coop Student
Eric Paquet Research Officer 613-991-5035
Eric Joanis RCO, Science and Technology 613-993-0680
Eric Welch (2019) Student
Farzan Soleymani Student
Filip Stojanovic (2019) Student
Fineen Davis Student
François Fauteux Research Officer 613-990-7660
Frank Billy Djupkep Dizeu Post-doctoral Fellowship
Gabriel Bernier-Colborne Research Officer 514-283-2373
Ghazal Rouhafzay Student
Guillaume Durand Team Leader 506-861-0961
Guillaume Perrault-Archambault Student
Guy Godin Research Officer 613-993-6565
Heather Molyneaux Analyst 506-444-0571
Hélène Fournier Research Officer 506-861-0957
Henry Jackson Kamalanathan Elango Coop Student
Hicham Sekkati Research Officer 613-993-5759
Hong Yu Guo Research Officer 613-993-0264
Hsu Kiang Ooi Research Officer
Irina Kondratova Research Officer 506-444-0489
Isar Nejadgholi Research Officer
Jan-Krzysztof Grabkowski (2019) Coop Student
Jean-François Lapointe Team Leader 613-993-0158
Jennifer Decker Executive Advisor 613-851-7089
Jiang Su Research Officer 613-993-0164
Joel Martin Senior Director, Research & Development 613-993-0266
Jonathan Boisvert Team Leader 613-993-6300
Julio Valdes Research Officer 613-993-0257
Justin Hickey Res Support & Applications Specialist 506-444-0399
Kader Beneddine 613-991-0868
Kathleen Fraser Research Officer 613-993-0603
Ke Xu (2019) Student
Keiko Katsuragawa Research Officer
Kenneth Lorbetskie (2019) Coop Student
Kevin Fournier Application Development Specialist 450-246-3510
Kevin Thomson Program Director, AI Assisted Design Too 613-991-0868
Kristine Brazeau Administrative Assistant 613-971-2066
Lama Seoud (2019) Research Officer 613-993-5216
Lama Elnaggar Student
Louis Borgeat Director, Research and Development, DT 613-993-6550
Louis-Guy Dicaire Computer System Officer - VIT 613-993-3409
Luc Belliveau Software Architect 506-861-0966
Lynn Wei Applications Development Specialist 613-993-0295
Manon Gaudet Team Leader, Cybersecurity 450-641-5880
Manuela Kunz Research Officer
Marc Tessier Technical Adv, Application Development 613-993-0118
Marc LeBlanc Application Development Specialist 506-861-0979
Marc Bujold Application Development Specialist 506-861-0959
Marc-Antoine Drouin Research Officer, Imaging Metrology 613-993-6087
Marc-Frédérick Tremblay (2019) Coop Student
Margaret McKay Team Leader, Scale AI 613-991-6853
Mariam Taktek (2019) Coop Student
Marta Stojanovic Applications Development Specialist 613-993-0294
Marvin Zaluski Systems & Software Analyst 613-993-0249
Michel Picard Technical Officer 613-993-0169
Michel Simard Research Officer 613-993-5201
Miroslava Cuperlovic-Culf Team Leader 613-993-0116
Mohammad Mamun Research Officer
Mohammad Sajjad Ghaemi Research Officer 416-700-0240
Muhammad Al-Digeil Research Council Officer 506-444-0524