Name Title Telephone Number
Adilah Bahadoor Research Officer 613-998-8377
Alan Steele DG Metrology Research Centre 613-993-9384
Alexandra Bourgouin student 613-993-2715
Alhaytham Alqudsi
Ali Ghaemi Technical Officer 613-991-4162
Allison Sibley Technical Officer 613-991-6928
Amr Said Research Officer
Anabelle Bourgeois Administrative Assistant 613-991-2535
André Charbonneau RCO, Frequency and Time 613-993-3129
Andreas Brinkmann Research Officer 613-990-0319
Andrew Oldershaw Leader 613-990-5968
Andrew Todd Team Leader 613-993-7714
Angela Gamouras Research Officer 613-993-2489
Anil Agarwal Pressure & Gas Flow Metrologist 613-991-0615
Anulika Azichoba Technical Officer
Arnold Gaertner Research Officer 613-993-9344
Audrey Macleod Research Officer 613-993-2715
Barry Wood Research Officer 613-990-9225
Bernard Holbrook Technical Officer, Pressure Standards 613-990-9555
Bernard Rozeboom MSS, EPM Technologist 613-998-9389
Bin Jian Research Officer 613-991-4201
Blake Walters TO, Monte Carlo Applications
Brad Methven Research Council Officer 613-998-4237
Brad Downton TO, IRS Calibration Services 613-993-2197
Bradley Stocks Research Officer 613-993-4416
Branislav Djokic Research Officer 613-990-5371
Brett Smith Tech Officer, Nanoparticle Diagnostics 613-993-2095
Brian Eves Team Leader 613-991-3279
Bryan Muir Research Officer 613-993-2715
Carl Marcelin Administrative Assistant - Portfolio
Carlos Sanchez Team Leader 613-990-9079
Catharine Fraser Technical Officer 613-993-2523
Chantal Prévost Technical Officer, Electrical Standards 613-993-2898
Cheryl Rafuse Phytoplankton Technical Officer 902-426-5972
Christiane Simard Administrative Assistant - Portfolio 613-993-2359
Christine Brophy Technical Officer 613-993-3520
Christine de Groot Leader 613-998-6813
Christopher Miles Research Officer 902-426-7263
Claude Jacques Research Officer 613-993-9330
Claudiu Cojocaru Research Officer 613-993-9352
Daniel Clavel Technical Officer 613-990-7062
Daniel St-Jean Technical Officer 613-990-5595
Daniel Beach Research Officer 902-426-8274
David Kennedy Research Officer 613-900-8065
David Angelo Tech Off, Electrical Power Measurements 613-993-7301
David Marchington TO, Electron Accelerator Lab 613-993-2197
David Snelling Volunteer Visitor 613-993-0810
David Lockwood RESEARCH OFFICER 613-993-9614
Deval Patel Technical Officer 613-993-5186
Diane Jodoin Technical Officer 613-991-1637
Donald Woods Technical Officer 613-993-9377
Douglas Gee Technical Officer 613-993-2393
Douglas McIntyre Technical Officer 613-990-9120
Douglas MacKenzie Technical Officer 613-998-9470
Dusan Vobornik (2019) Research Officer 613-993-2313
Eddy So Research Officer, Elec Pwr Msrment 613-990-5806
Elizabeth Mudge Research Associate
Elliott Wright Technical Officer, Analytical Chemistry 902-426-1299
Emma Jorgenson (2019) Technical Officer 613-993-8570
Enea Pagliano Research Officer 613-993-2527
Eric Côté Technical Officer 613-990-0136
Eric Christiansen
Erin Weir Certified Reference Material Coordinator 902-426-8251
Ernesto Mainegra-Hing Research Officer 613-993-2715
Fengshan Liu Competency Leader, Numerical Simulation 613-993-9470
Feridoun Farahvash TO, Electronics & Computer Support 613-993-2715
Filip Kunc Research Associate 613-991-5784
Frédéric Tessier Research Officer 613-993-9352
Garnet McRae Technical Officer, Mass Spectrometry 613-993-2521
Georgette Macdonald Director, Research and Development 613-990-6808
Ghislain Granger Research Officer 613-993-8928
Gina Holmes Administrative Assistant to DG 613-993-2660
Gregory Smallwood Research Officer, Combustion 613-993-1391
Gregory Lopinski Research Officer 613-990-4155
Gregory Reain Research Council Officer 613-998-5648
Hai Pham Research Council Officer 613-991-4213
Harold Parks Team Leader 613-990-4022
Hong Shen TO, Low Energy X-Ray Calibration Srvs 613-993-2197
Ian Leroux Research Officer 613-993-2313
Indumathi Pihillagawa Gedara Technical Officer 613-998-8378
Isabelle Amen Director Operations 613-991-2400
Isabelle Rajotte Technical Officer 902-426-7402
Islam El Gamal Tech Officer, Radionuclide Metrology 613-993-2715
Jacques Liard
Jalal Norooz Oliaee Post-doctoral Fellow 613-993-1289
James Renaud Postdoctoral Fellow
James Bennett Technical Officer 613-990-1566
Jason Cheney Director Operations 613-993-2233
Jean Dessureault Technical Officer
Jeffery Russell Technical Advisor, CLAS 613-991-4059
Jennifer Bates Technical Officer, Chemical Metrology 613-993-9753
Jennifer Hogenbom Co-op Student
Jeongwan Jin Post-doctoral Fellow
Jeremy Melanson Team Leader 613-993-4969
Joanne Zwinkels Research Officer 613-993-9363
Joel Corbin Research Associate 613-993-2176
John Hulse Research Council Officer 613-993-9410
John Bernard Research Officer 613-993-2181
John Alcock 613-993-3016
John Paul Archambault Research Officer 613-993-2715