Civil Aviation


Name Title Telephone Number
Alain Carrier Regional Director, Civil Aviation, Quebec 514-633-3159
Anaïs Tanguay Lavallée Aviation Safety Program Analyst
Andrée Lépine (2018) Enforcement Investigator 514-633-3248
Andrée Roy (2018) Assistant, Business Management 514-633-3513
Angela Dagostino Business Management Officer 514-633-3489
Annick Laflamme Enforcement Officer 514-633-2812
Antonio Mendes Antunes Standards Coordinator, Airworthiness 514-633-3513
Audrée Lamontagne Regional Manager, Enforcement 514-633-3533
Audrey Toledo Team Lead, Operational Support 514-420-5763
Benoît Quirion Service Team Officer 438-455-1861
Bernard Fortin Associate Director, Operations 514-633-3696
Carl Vaillancourt Enforcement Investigator
Carole Cellard Regional Manager, Analysis & Occurence, Planning & Reporting 438-455-3952
Carole Lanthier (2018) Service Team Support 450-928-4375
Caroline Nhan Diêp Operational Support 514-247-6238
Chantal Vilgrain Business Management Officer 514-633-3481
Charles Burroughs Enforcement Investigator, Airworthiness 514-633-3542
Christian Larouche Associate Director, Operations 514-242-2526
Christine Bezeau Service Team Officer 514-633-2966
Cindy Haughton Civil Aviation Safety Inspector, Flight Operations 204-803-3643
Claude Renaud (2017) Enforcement Investigator, Flight Operations 514-633-3544
Clémence St-Amand Operational Program Planning & Quality Assurance Analyst 514-420-5748
Deborah Rayson Service Team Support 514-633-3579
Diane Chiasson (2017) Assistant administrative - Operational Support 514-633-3900
Édith Caron (2017) Administrative Supervisor, Transport Canada Centre - St-Hubert 450-928-4375
Émilie Lemay Operational Support 418-877-1765
Éric Anh Dung Vo (2021) Administrative Assistant 514-633-3249
Frédéric Bellemare Civil Aviation Safety Inspector, Flight Operations 581-305-2770
Gilbert Gosselin Maritime Safety Investigator-Regional Enforcement Unit 418-648-7912
Gino Dufour (2021) Associate Director, Operations 418-877-5504
Grace Rosete (2021) Operational Support 514-247-7953
Gustavo Fiscina Regional Engineer, Aircraft Certification 514-633-3594
Izabella Krukowska Service Team Lead 514-633-3580
Jacinthe St-Laurent (2019) Service Team Officer 418-877-0133
Janik Hallé Operational Support
Jason Rule A/Technical Team Lead, Flight Operations 604-312-8423
Jean Desjardins Civil Aviation Safety Inspector, Flight Operations 514-220-3890
Jean Nodorakis Investigator - Rail Safety, Regional Enforcement unit 514-633-2968
Jean-François Lyras (2019) Civil Aviation Safety Inspector, Flight Operations 514-214-9726
Jocelyne Dupuis (2021) Information officer 514-633-3559
Jocelyne Campeau Regional Aircraft Certification Officer 514-633-3267
Johanne Trottier (2020) Business Management Officer 514-633-3712
Jorge Luis Malapi Ger Investigator, Enforcement, Flight Operations 514-633-3841
Joseph Dos Santos Investigator, Transportation of Dangerous Goods 514-420-5778
Joseph El-Khoury (2021) Student 514-420-5940
Judith Gauthier Regional Manager, Business Management 514-240-9189
Julie Kwan Business Management Officer 514-249-4092
Jun Ni Zhong (2017) Student 450-928-4375
Justin Bourgault Consultant 514-633-3159
Justine Hébert (2019) Student 418-877-2950
Kenneth Clayton Technical Team Lead, Engineering 514-209-5310
Liette Doiron Operational Support 438-334-9730
Liliya Georgieva Service Team Officer 514-420-5178
Linda Van De Casteele A/Team Lead, Operational Support 514-633-3159
Line Desjardins (2019) Business Management Officer 514-633-3856
Lorraine Savaria (2017) Business Management Officer 514-633-3513
Louisa Bendriss A/Regulatory and Case Advisor 514-233-6445
Luize Avrigeanu Regional Engineer, Aircraft Certification 514-633-3270
Manon Drapeau Standards Coordinator, Specialties 514-420-5818
Manon Barrette Consultant 438-356-3244
Manon Lanthier Information Officer 514-718-3924
Marco Ciroi Regional Manager, Standards Coordination 514-633-3535
Maria De Lurdes Cabral Operational Support 613-990-3007
Marielle Doyon Operational Support 514-633-3248
MARIO FERRAO Operational Support 514-633-3547
Mario Drouin Standards Coordinator, Airworthiness 514-420-5812
Marjorie Fernezan Business Management Officer 514-633-3483
Martine Daoust Team Lead, Operational Support 514-633-3047
Mathieu Robert Regional Engineer, Aircraft Certification 514-213-9673
Max Ingold Standards Coordinator, Airworthiness 514-420-5749
Michel Bordeleau Civil Aviation Safety Inspector, Flight Operations 418-877-7173
Nancy Vallée Service Team Officer 514-633-3580
Nathalie Boyer Operational Support 438-337-3338
Nathalie Noël A/Enforcement Officer 514-633-3248
Nicole Sanschagrin Operational Support 514-633-7738
Normand Savard (2018) Technical Team Lead, Airworthiness 418-877-1624
Olga Pestova Service Team Support 450-928-4374
Olivier Moyat Technical Team Lead, Flight Operations 418-563-5650
Pasquale Cusano (2020) Regional Engineer, Aircraft Certification 514-420-5176
Patrick Trepanier Enforcement Investigator 514-420-5852
Philippe Viotto (2018) Enforcement Investigator, Flight Operations 514-420-5852
Pierre René De Cotret (2019) Service Team Support 450-928-4374
Pierre Decelles Civil Aviation Safety Inspector, Flight Operations 418-930-7688
Pierre Henault Civil Aviation Safety Inspector, Flight Operations 418-929-8803
Pierre G Richard Regional Engineer, Aircraft Certification 514-633-3602
Raya Khattar Regional Manager, Issues Management 514-633-3161
Reggie Chavannes Administrative Assistant 514-633-3249
Regina Tolentino (2019) Business Management Assistant 514-633-3856
Regina Coeli Tolentino Business Management Officer 514-209-9719
René Verreault Civil Aviation Safety Inspector, Flight Operations 418-563-9824
Richard Lalonde (2017) Business Management Officer 514-633-3483
Rocio Lagos Hinojosa Service Team Officer 438-270-5866
Roger Smith Civil Aviation Safety Inspector, Flight Operations 506-875-9810
Sandeep Atwal Civil Aviation Safety Inspector, Flight Operations 416-906-0583
Sandrine Gopaulen (2021) Aviation Safety Program Analyst 514-420-5741
Shelley Kerr Information Officer 514-231-1794
Stéphanie Petrement Regulatory and Case Advisor 514-633-3543
Stéphanie Harnois (2016) Operational Support 514-633-3926
Sylvain Melançon Enforcement Investigator, Airworthiness 514-633-3544
Taline Missakian Operational Support