Goulamaly Samir

Goulamaly Samir works as Communications advisor for Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions.
Goulamaly can be reached at 514-283-8098

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Communications advisor
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Dominion Square Building 1255 Peel Street, Suite 900 (view on map)
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Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions
Communications General Directorate
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Goulamaly Samir's team

Agathe Duclos (2021) Communications Coordinator
Alexandra Waibel Communication Coordinator
Alexandre Robertson Acting General Director
Amanda D'Aoust (2023) Digital Communications Officer
Anie-Jade Glazer-Charbonneau (2022) Digital Communications Assistant
Anne Marie Labrèque (2021) Communication Advisor
Annie Leblond Chief, Digital Communications
Annie-Claude Beaudry (2021) Communication Coordinator
Benoit Lefebvre Budget and Financial Planning Assistant 514-237-7458 Dominion Square Building 1255 Peel Street, Suite 900
Benoit Lefebvre (2021) Budg. & Fin. Plan. assistant
Brian Velasco Communication Advisor
Caroline Hilt (2022) Director
Caroline Hilt (2022) General Director
Cassandra Rousseau (2022) Digital Communications Assistant
Catherine Giroux Communication Advisor
Charles Cardinal Communications Officer
Chiara Battaglia (2020) Digital Communications Agent
Claire Strunck Communication Advisor
Claire Harvey Communications Advisor
Emilie Tremblay Communication Advisor
Francois Veillette Director, Ministerial Activities and Regional Communications 514-283-0229 Dominion Square Building 1255 Peel Street, Suite 900
François Robillard (2023) Digital Communications Support Officer
Gabriel Garceau Support Officer, Digital Communications
Helene St-Pierre Communication Advisor
Hilaire Magloire Nekam Fongue (2022) Intranet consultant
Isabelle Clermont Communications advisor 514-247-1504 Dominion Square Building 1255 Peel Street, Suite 900
Isabelle Beaudin (2020) Advisor
Isabelle Giroux (2022) Digital Communications Advisor (Intranet)
Isabelle Bergeron Communication Advisor
Jacinthe Croisetière (2023) Digital Communications Advisor
Jean-François Renaud (2020) Digital Communications Officer
Jennifer Bondy Communications Advisor
Jihane Daoud (2021) Chief, Digital Strategies and Branding
Josiane Cabana (2022) Communication Advisor
Kim Raymond Communication Advisor
Lamya Benachour Communications advisor, SAP/Cortex 514-246-7488 Dominion Square Building 1255 Peel Street, Suite 900
Laurianne Lemire (2021) Departmental Coordinator
Lori Isbister (2022) Communications Support Officer
Magalie Morin (2022) Communication Advisor
Mariangela Vincenzi (2020) Communications Officer 514-247-6423 Dominion Square Building 1255 Peel Street, Suite 900

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