Royal Canadian Mint


Name Title Telephone Number
Adam Miller (2023) Sales Manager 613-993-1258
Alexandra Kwong Sales Assistant 613-991-1078
Alexandre Reeves Senior Manager, Communications 613-949-5777
Alison Beaudin Manager, Project Management 613-993-2008
Allan Perrier Supervisor, Packaging and Shipping 613-991-5510
Amanda Bartleman (2023) Compliance Coordinator 613-998-8172
Amanda Phillips Administrative Assistant 613-998-7090
Amy Allen Legal Researcher and Technician 613-991-0230
André Demers Personnel Screening Analyst 613-852-0240
Angela Powers Senior Coordinator 613-993-0450
Anne-Marie Murka (2023) Manager, Corporate Secretariat 613-993-0774
Annie Dubreuil Product Manager 613-998-9048
Anthony Rotondo Business Analyst 613-993-8985
Armand Nina Translation Coordinator 613-990-6951
Arnaud Lenglin Senior Manager, Emergency Measures and Security Compliance 613-993-9411
Becca Ray Web Specialist 613-998-8182
Bernie Schroeder Senior Manager, Customer Strategy & Intelligence 613-790-1465
Binder Khangura Supervisor, QS and Metrology Laboratory 613-993-5225
Bob Zintel Senior Director, Finance 613-993-7098
Brad Deveraux R&D Engraving Technologist 613-991-1458
Bradley Penner Manager of the Plating Plant 204-984-1777
Brenda Sarault (2023) Executive Assistant 613-993-6953
Brent Bodnar Research Engineer 613-998-8975
Brian Lewis Materials Analyst for Canadian Circulation 204-984-6965
Bruce Koropeski Manager, Technical Services 204-983-5769
Bruce Wogrinetz Manager for Metals 613-998-4253
Bruce Conger Managing Director, Finance - DOF 613-993-7701
Caroline Desjardins Personnel Screening Analyst 613-866-5962
Carrie Moussa Senior Program Manager, Finance Projects 613-979-8924
Cecilia Bergeron Coordinator, Project Delivery and Support 613-991-4771
Céline Quinn (2020) Administrative Assistant, Protective Services 613-993-7561
Chantal Arbique Product Manager 613-990-5450
Cheryl Vaccaro Sr Continuous Improvement Engineer 613-993-8978
Chris Carkner (2023) Sales Director 613-993-9779
Christian Robin Supervisor, Boutique and Tours 204-983-5647
Christian Plouffe Senior Refiner 613-949-5768
Christine Aquino (2023) Director 613-993-9999
Christine List (2023) Assistant Corporate Secretary 613-854-9835
Cindy Smith Executive Assistant 613-993-5276
Cindy Larouche Senior Cost Accountant 613-998-3865
Claire Laflèche Project Coordinator 613-998-0421
Cory Cisyk Supervisor, Protective Services 343-551-2508
Craig Crocker (2017) Senior Manager, IT PMO 613-991-9613
Crystal Heibert Officer, Internal Communications, Winnipeg 204-983-0565
Daniel Farrell ATIP Analyst 613-993-8735
David Norris E-Marketing Analyst 613-991-1608
David J. Butler Managing Director of Sales 613-990-0948
Debbie Lewis Chief Information Officer 613-993-5394
Deborah Borden (2023) R&D Coordinator 613-991-0351
Deborah Heiser (2017) Chief Information Officer 613-993-5394
Deborah Simons (2023) Coordinator, Corporate Secretariat 613-716-4439
Derek Hall Quoting and Logistics Coordinator 613-991-5803
Donna Zimonjic TREASURY & RISK MANAGEMENT ANALYST 613-990-8163
Doug Nitschke (2023) Director, IT Transformation 613-991-6297
Dushern Naidoo Coordinator 613-608-2653
Dylan Cobb Manager, Business Development MintChip 613-990-8414
Edie Brenning Security Analyst 343-548-4040
Éric Jodouin Sales Coordinator 613-991-5818
Eva Mathieu Advisor, Environment 613-998-9896
Farzana Malik (2017) Manager, Corporate Affairs 613-993-2595
Fredrick Doig Director, IT Business Services 204-984-3410
Giovanna Valente Director, Strategy Management and Planning, Operations 613-993-7540
Grace Kelly Accountant 613-998-0422
Gregory McNeill (2020) Enterprise Security Architect 613-991-0958
Grethel Garcia Puig Project Coordinator 613-993-1063
Guy Pilon Chief Security Officer 613-993-1795
Guy Lanteigne (2023) Supervisor, Refinery Services 613-990-8429
Guylaine Cadoret Director of Compensation and HR Planning 613-993-1249
Ian Graham Sales Director 506-459-8289
Ingrid Fryzek Sales Assistant 613-991-1680
Irina Pinkney Assistant to the VP of Marketing and Communications 613-998-1148
Isabel Calheiros Manager 613-991-4522
Jackson Rigg Advisor, Environment 613-998-9860
Jacques Benoit Engineering Technician 613-993-7665
James McKelvey Sales Manager 866-669-4039
Jane Gowland Senior Advisor, Health & Safety 613-949-6648
Janet McIntosh (2019) Project Manager, Deployment & Quality Assurance 613-998-8290
Janice Phillips (2023) Executive Assistant 613-993-1975
Jason Hall Sr Cost Accountant 613-993-8204
Jason Wright Senior Manager, Process & Operations Engineering 613-993-7037
Jean-Francois Croteau Senior Counsel Legal Services 613-949-7347
Jean-François Dupuis Sales Coordinator for Refinery 613-993-9557
Jean-François Lambert Security Analyst 613-790-2091
Jean-Laurent Rousset Vice-President, Operations 613-990-7123
Jeff Hanke Sales Manager, Latin America 613-949-7323
Jennier Camelon (2018) V.P. Finance and Admin and Chief Financial Officer 613-998-9835
Jennifer Holmes Senior Manager, Product Development 613-991-5509
Jennifer Richardson Director, Corporate Health & Safety & Environment 613-990-8161
Jennifer Camelon CFO 613-993-5276
Jim Carfrae (2019) Interim VP, Marketing and Communications 613-993-7746
Jocelyn Désy Director, Numismatic Sales 613-990-7042
Johanne Schumacher Executive Assistant 613-993-6836
John Foley Senior Manager, Enterprise Risk Management 613-998-4200
John Moore (2023) Vice-President, Sales 613-993-4689
Jonathan Lestage Legal Counsel 613-990-7227
Josée Faucher Supervisor of the Boutique 613-993-0500
Judith Russell Administrative Assistant Legal Services 613-991-9138
Julianna Barakat (2017) Telecom Services Officer 613-993-5944
Julie Houde Executive Assistant to the Vice-President, Operations 613-993-0820
Julie Sylvestre Senior Director 613-993-2044