Defence Construction Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Aaron Sabourin (2016) Project Assistant 613-993-2234
Aaron Pugh (2023) Coordinator, Construction Services
Aasif Patel (2023) Coordinator, Environmental Services 613-541-5010
Abdou Boussari (2020) Coordinator, Construction Services 450-358-7099( x6973)
Abdulla Alkurwi (2019) Coordinator, Construction Services 416-633-6200
Abhay Kaladharan Coordinator, Construction Services
Abigail Morkem Technical Specialist, Project Management 613-541-5010 x3507
Abigail Garnett (2024) Coordinator, Environmental Services
Abiodun Ashcroft (2023) Coordinator, Real Property Management
Adam Gallant (2018) Coordinator, Mechanical 705-424-1200( x7294)
Adam Welsh (2017) Coordinator, Construction Services 902-402-3477
Adam Khamphoune (2018) Technical Specialist, Project Management 613-763-0815
Adam Machnaik (2021) Coordinator, Construction Services 306-694-2222 x5495
Adam Pakvis (2020) Coordinator, Contract Services 250-216-2864
Adam Pietrasik (2018) Coordinator, Construction Services 250-363-2348
Adam Shaker (2020) Coordinator, Real Property Management 613-993-2166
Adam Alguire Coordinator, Contract Services
Adam Bidas (2023) Technical Specialist, Project Management
Adam Lawrence (2021) Coordinator, Construction Services 709-256-1703
Adam Hachey Coordinator, Electrical 506-238-1871
Adam Blackier Technical Specialist, Project Management 343-422-6213
Adeel Khan (2019) Coordinator, Environmental Services 705-494-2011 x3048
Adejare Adesina Coordinator, Construction Services
Aderemi Ajibade (2021) Coordinator, Construction Services 204-765-3000 x2113
Adrian Campsall Coordinator, Contract Services 613-921-1865
Adrien Richardot (2024) Technical Specialist, Project Management
Afsana Khandokar Technical Specialist, Project Management 902-401-6084
Agnieszka Sakanovic (2017) Coordinator, Contract Services 613-991-2375
Ahmad Malik Technical Analyst, ERP 613-218-5868
Ahmed Lamsika (2020) Technical Specialist, Project Management 450-358-7099
Aimee Gangadin (2016) Coordinator, Facility Management 416-633-6200 x5821
Akash Nath Technical Specialist, Real Property Management 705-424-1200 x7957
Alain Schneiter Program Leader 450-462-8777e xt.7433
Alain Gauthier Coordinator, Construction Services 705-494-6011( x2061)
Alain Tessier (2022) Program Leader 418-844-5000 x3617
Alain Belanger Team Leader, Real Property Management 418-454-2865
Alain Dufresne (2022) Regional Operations Manager 514-252-2777 x6305
Alain Xatruch (2019) Procurement Specialist 613-998-1003
Alain Brunet (2023) Manager, IT Operations 613-804-0567
Alan Dunn (2017) 416-633-6200
Al-Ani Mohammed (2024) Coordinator, Real Property Management 613-541-5010
Aleksandar Janjic (2024) Coordinator, Project Management 819-775-4543
Alessandro Ferrante Coordinator, Construction Services 613-993-1465
Alex Hall Site Manager 778-977-0940
Alex Allen Radiker (2024) Coordinator, Environmental Services
Alexa Thompson Coordinator, Professional Services Contracts
Alexa Karlicki Coordinator, Professional Services Contracts 902-440-6069
Alexander Boyce (2018) Systems Specialist 613-218-6928
Alexandra Bissinger (2017) Coordinator, Construction Services 604-858-1011( x1075)
Alexandra Sugarman (2024) Coordinator, Project Management
Alexandra Giroux Coordinator, Construction Services 867-445-6173
Alexandre Lafreniere (2018) Coordinator, Construction Services 204-833-2500 x6729
Alexandre Lecompte (2023) Coordinator, Talent Acquisition 613-223-5477
Alexandre Boily Team Leader, Contract Services 418-321-7609
Alexis Fairbairn (2022) Coordinator, Environmental Services 613-943-8021
Alexis Wilcott Coordinator, Facility Management 204-833-2500 x5367
Alfred Lai (2018) Technical Specialist, Real Property Management 705-424-1200( x7296)
Ali Meftah (2019) Technical Specialist, Project Management 514-252-2777 x4079
Ali Al-Amidi Team Leader, Construction Services 613-541-5010 x3442
Alice Boame Financial Administrator 343-550-1167
Alicia Van Vaals Coordinator, Facility Management 613-687-5511 x3579
Alicia Phinney (2016) Coordinator, Construction Services 613-747-6676( x223)
Alicia May Coordinator, Environmental Services 236-464-6701
Alisha Perron (2022) Coordinator, Professional Services Contracts
Alisha Perron (2024) Technical Specialist, Project Management 613-949-6926
Alison Rossiter Hartlen Coordinator, Environmental Services 902-426-0603
Alison Lawford General Counsel and Corporate Secretary 613-218-2887
Alison Singleton Technical Specialist, CAD/BIM/GIS 780-840-8000 x7726
Alissa Byrne Coordinator, Environmental Services 709-896-6900
Allan Cole Coordinator, Facility Management 613-687-5511( x5390)
Allanah Walsh (2018) Coordinator, Contract Services 613-384-1256( x223)
Allanah O'Doherty Coordinator, Contract Services 343)422-4816
Allen Roderick (2016) Coordinator, Construction Services 506-292-5795
Allison Stroich (2020) Site Manager 902-426-8461
Allison MacFadden Team Leader, Environmental Services
Allison Stroich (2021) Special Assistant to the VP, Operations
Allison Stroich Leader, Regional Initiatives (NCR) 902-426-5832
Allison Brett (2024) Human Resources Business Partner 587-635-1794
Allyson Archer (2024) Coordinator, Environmental Services 613-541-5010 x3466
Alyson Thompson Coordinator, Environmental Services 902-719-5555
Amanda Jackson Coordinator, Construction Services 902-441-7618
Amanda Bush (2018) Administrative Assistant 613-687-5511( x2785)
Amanda Soutar Program Leader 343-553-8457
Amanda Eid Team Leader, Contract Services 343-540-6713
Amanda North Technical Specialist, Real Property Management 204-833-2500 x4483
Amanda Crowley Coordinator, Environmental Services
Amanda Shane Leader, Area Program 613-889-4949
Amanda Facey Coordinator, Environmental Services 782-641-1539
Amber Spence (2017) Coordinator, Security 613-687-5511 x3303
Amber Cottle (2020) Project Assistant
Amelia Colebourne (2023) Technical Specialist, Project Management 613-541-5010 x7386
Amira Gill (2024) Technical Specialist, Real Property Management
Amy Chigede (2020) Team Leader, Project Management 613-541-5010 x7327
Amy Scott (2017) Coordinator, Construction Services 778-433-8741 x205
Amy Steeves Regional Service Line Leader, Project and Program Management 613-329-3513
Ana Martinez Coordinator, Regional Administration 780-495-7554
Anas Choukri (2017) Administrator, Systems 613-993-2175
Andrade Fankam (2021) Accountant
Andre Leclerc Coordinator, Construction Services 418-844-5000( x2488)
Andre Lachance (2020) Technical Specialist, Project Management 450-358-7099