General Director's Office, Departmental Finances


Name Title Telephone Number
Aline Mulinda (2020) Chief, Procurement and Contract Management
Benoit Lefebvre (2022) Administrative Officer
Danie Boulianne (2022) Procurement and contrats Officer
Frédérique Aspirault (2023) Financial Officer
Joelle Leblanc (2022) Financial Agent
Johanne Cyr (2021) Administrative assistant
Karina Bazinet (2022) Director, budget planning, financial management, policies and financial systems
Karina Bazinet (2019) Director
Mario Nicolas Sarabia (2020) Executive Assistant
Mathieu Paquette Director General Departmental Finances 514-222-1499
Samantha Shaw (2021) Financial officer 343-203-1900
Sandy Byas (2022) Chief - Financial Systems
Smith Latry Chief, Procurements and Contracts 514-238-9063