Accommodation, Portfolio Management & Real Estate Services


Name Title Telephone Number
Aaron Schuler OAS Systems Officer 604-679-0699
Agnes White Team Lead 604-360-4440
Alexis Law Investment Analyst 236-334-0658
Andrea Lima (2024) Accommodation Advisor 604-396-9323
Anna Lam Accommodation Officer 236-330-3123
Annie Joseph Accommodation Manager 778-951-0667
Baili wang Business and Financial Assistant 236-335-2946
Ben Black Regional Manager Real Estate Services 250-580-3528
Billy Ng Senior Real Estate Advisor 604-764-5803
Brad Yanosik Real Estate Advisor 778-239-5248
Brad Evers Senior Real Estate Advisor 604-366-1519
Brendan Ling A/Senior Leasing Officer 604-348-6492
Brent Heed Senior Leasing Officer 236-330-6491
Cameron Herdman Acting Senior Project Leader 604-363-4334
Candace Louie Data Manager 604-318-2845
Catherine Borbon-Guillen A/Administrative Team Leader 236-335-1597
Connie Cheng A/ Strategy Policy & Business Assistant 778-227-5145
Cynthia Hsu Investment Analyst 604-404-0086
Dagney Connolly Real Property Advisor 604-815-7474
David Deng Senior Valuation Analyst 604-612-5156
Donald Cumming Manager 604-679-9785
Fabian Hansen (2024) Senior Project Leader 604-813-6009
Flordeliza Ramos Senior Financial Assistant 604-787-8695
Frank Rogers Senior Project Advisor 604-356-7723
Genevieve Gelin OAS Systems Officer 604-355-4801
Gregory Campbell Accommodation Manager 778-951-7348
Guo He Regional Manager 604-318-7062
Hugo Young Accommodation Manager 604-358-2093
Jacqueline Lai Strategic Advisor 778-229-1480
Jake Froese Regional Manager 604-351-2717
Jann Chen Business and Financial Assistant 604-340-8845
jeffrine kwong (2024) business support clerk 604-358-5486
Jennifer Cao Real Estate Advisor 604-396-2126
Jenny Lam STRATEGY POLICY & BUS ASSIST 236-335-0809
Joshua Enns Bihis Portfolio Analyst 604-353-8132
Kam Dhanoa Regional Manager / Regional Enterprise Executive 778-918-2153
Karen Lui Supervisor - RP Business and Financial Operations 604-340-1031
Katharine Campos Real Estate Advisor 236-334-5108
Kay Chang Accommodation Advisor 778-239-7045
Kelsey Slevin (2024) A/OAS Systems Officer 236-380-0240
Kim Redlich Senior Valuation Analyst, Pacific Region 604-679-5983
Lana Vo Real Estate Advisor 604-376-7551
Lara Tagulao Senior Accommodation Manager 236-888-3276
Linda Harding Executive Assistant 604-363-4390
logan chan Accommodation Manager 604-404-0493
Mahvish Nusrat (2024) Strategy, Policy and Business Assistant 604-404-3404
Manpreet Gill Real Estate Advisor 236-380-3024
Marietta D'Souza PILT Officer 604-369-8131
Mark Deutscher OAS Systems Officer 604-353-0723
Martin Kwok A/ Regional Manager Business Management 604-785-8653
Michelle Nigro Regional Manager Accommodation Management 604-366-4059
Nathalie Lee Accommodation Manager 604-754-4077
Nicholas Bodie (2024) Senior Real Estate Advisor 604-404-0667
Patrick Cheng Business and Financial Assistant 604-347-9848
Paul Bowers Real Estate Advisor, 604-340-9316
Peter Switzer Senior Leasing and Commercial Letting Officer 778-231-4791
Rachel Mendgen (2024) Business Support Clerk 604-354-9676
Rachel Cachero Business Systems Analyst 236-888-3091
Reni Stein Real Estate Advisor 250-686-2976
Ryan Hall Real Estate Advisor 236-464-2176
Sandra Jurjaks Administrative Officer 604-657-3081
Sean Macdonald Senior Project Leader 236-334-2940
Steve Dale-Johnson (2024) Senior Advisor, Leasing and Commercial Lettings 604-724-7163
Tanya Truong Regional Manager, Leasing and Commercial Letting 604-356-3782
Thomas Kwan Regional Director 604-763-1151
Vicky Woo Senior Accommodation Manager 778-952-4240
Wendy Bedi Business and Financial Assistant 604-404-6418
Yanyan Yang Senior Appraisal Advisor 778-233-1837
Zachary Whyte (2024) Indigenous Engagement Advisor 236-255-2895