Contracting, Facilities and Administration Division


Name Title Telephone Number
Alexandra Millan Senior Contracting Specialist 343-550-8540
André Poisson Chief, Client Relations and Administration 613-447-3455
Andrew Anderson Chief, Facilities Management 613-898-5978
Antonio Casimiro GC Workplace Project Management Officer 613-222-7977
Chantal Chabot Administration Services Coordinator 343-551-1038
Christian Pagé Senior Facilities Management Officer 613-323-0806
Daniel Tilsley Contracting Specialist 343-542-6886
Diya Kulkarni (2022) Student
Emma Simard Purchasing Assistant 343-571-3101
Francis St-Gelais Administration Services Coordinator
Janie Latouche Contracting Specialist 343-550-3219
Jessica Brutus Contracting Specialist 343-550-6808
Luc Bonhomme Senior Contracting Specialist 613-293-0419
Lucie Frouin Contracting Officer 343-551-9174
Manon Macnamara Administration Officer 613-240-3080
Michel Pambrun Accommodations & Design Officer 613-295-7043
Michelle Smith Client Relations Officer 343-543-2397
Nancy Leroux Purchasing Assistant 343-571-8473
Natalie Cléroux (2022) Contracting Officer 343-571-3100
Patrick Wood Student
Robert Kardum Senior Contracting Specialist 613-415-6258
Sylvain Brunette Accommodations and Design Technician 613-290-1365
Vaanee Maheson Director 613-894-3434