Corporate Security


Name Title Telephone Number
Alec St-Gelais Physical Security Administrator 343-540-7119
André Lamarche Physical Security Officer 613-294-8731
Audrey Hatfield (2022) Security Program and Planning Officer 343-551-2571
Danielle Ricker Team Leader, Security Programs and Planning 613-447-8477
Émilie Bourgoing (2023) Team Leader, Security Programs and Planning 343-543-1341
Jessica Al Najjar Personnel Security Officer 343-552-7228
Josée Gaudet Personnel Security Administrator 343-549-1050
Mireille Kassouf Chief, Security Operations 613-293-2792
Pascal Castonguay Physical Security Officer 613-327-3918
Patricia Garceau (2024) Security Awareness Officer 343-551-9186
Riel Ouimet Physical Security Officer 613-293-1034