People Strategies and Workplace Experience Division


Name Title Telephone Number
Amanda Tucker (2024) Team Leader, Workforce Planning and Analytics 343-575-4897
Caitlin Caillier Team Leader, EDI Hub 613-220-2745
Cécile Villard Human Resources Officer 613-314-8475
Chantale Turgeon Human Resources Coordinator 613-298-7254
Eileen Blenkarn Human Resources Advisor 343-549-0787
Grace Stephenson Human Resources Advisor 613-314-5808
Haven Moulds Human Resources Advisor 613-298-8546
Heather Surette Team Leader, Talent Programs 613-897-3821
Karine Benoit Director 613-697-0837
Katleen Paul Roc Human Resources Coordinator
Kayleigh Gagné Human Resources Officer 343-551-9958
Mandaly Clements Learning Specialist 343-571-1602
Marie Tsoukanas Human Resources Advisor 613-298-3267
Melanie Dodier Human Resources Advisor 613-325-6572
Nathalie Giard Human Resources Advisor 613-314-1325
Rosemary Crane Senior Project Officer 613-299-8413
Samantha Shore Human Resources Planning Analyst 343-571-3104
Suad Hashim Senior Human Resources Advisor 613-299-9466
Tiffany Daigneault Human Resources Advisor 343-542-9180
Usha Rajadhyax Human Resources Officer 613-299-1499