Policy, Planning and Project Management Division


Name Title Telephone Number
Adèle Bissonnette (2022) Team Leader, Service Transformation Incubator 613-608-6524
Alicia Nicholson IMTD Policy and Programs Advisor
Assa Gakui (2022) IT Project Coordinator 343-540-8136
Brent Galea IMTD Policy and Programs Advisor
Brittany Findlay Change Management Advisor 343-543-9657
Christian Courchesne Business Analyst 613-290-4561
Emanjot Gill (2023) IT Project Management Officer 613-299-9129
Hammad Mazhar Policy and Planning Advisor 343-543-1149
Hibo Ismail Technical Service Agent 343-574-8029
Ibrahim Maalej (2022) Student
Kris Ram (2023) Director 613-552-7365
Krisztina Nemeth IT Project Coordinator 613-295-3398
Lili Hajiesmaili (2023) Director 613-784-9151
Louis Carbonneau Senior Business Analyst 613-290-4032
Maryam Al-Nuaimi IT Project Management Officer 343-596-8300
Michael alakija (2021) IT Project Coordinator 613-299-8720
Nikki Marasco (2022) Student
Rami Obead (2023) Change Management Advisor 343-549-6682
Salim Sharbin Senior Business Analyst 613-290-6875
Santiago Espinosa Lizcano Change Management Officer
Sarah Mojsej Change Management Advisor 613-991-1725
Shahbaz Khan (2022) IT Project Management Officer 343-573-8199
Stefani Nielson Team Leader, Program Management 613-297-6748
Suleiman Garba IT Project Management Officer 613-314-0874
Thomas Lefebvre (2023) Technical Service Agent 343-549-0523