Strategy and Transformation


Name Title Telephone Number
Aaron Percival Director, Value Assurance 613-314-6697
Adamira Tijerino Senior Advisor 343-543-8256
Andrea Chabot (2023) Core services transformation advisor 343-543-7865
Andrew Cornell Acting Director 613-218-5846
Ashley Belanger Director 819-576-2604
Ashley Boucher Executive Assistant 613-614-5899
Bartosz Nowak Director 343-548-7104
Catherine Nadeau-Morissette (2022) Enterprise Portfolio Management Lead
Cheryl Gendron Issues Manager to the ADM Strategy & Transformation 343-575-1737
Christine Pierce (2023) Issues Manager 343-543-8478
Cindy Tao Project Services Officer 613-323-5838
Claire Sibley Analyst 613-447-7429
Claudia Munante FPT Liaison and Engagement 343-576-9008
Colleen Tiernan International Interoperability Digital Credentials
Darcy Cornu (2023) Senior Analyst, Engagement and International 343-548-7022
David Alloggia Senior Environmental Policy Analyst 343-549-3890
David Sullivan Director, Strategic Policy 613-302-0784
Dominique English Committee Coordinator
Dylan Haggart Analyst 613-793-7531
Emmanuelle Godin Oversight Coordinator 613-323-7299
Éponine Nizeye Committee Coordinator
Eugenio Lo (2023) Senior Transformation Advisor 613-296-0254
Filsan Nur Policy Analyst 613-415-9114
Fiona Long a/Executive Director, Government Operations Portfolio 613-277-0845
Gina Smith Executive Director 613-369-9671
Gurjot Jassy Analyst 343-576-9286
Ibrahim Sagheer Analyst/Economist 343-542-9231
Isabelle Beaudin (2023) Manager, Strategic Policy 343-572-6358
Jacynthe Quesnel Analyst 343-543-7864
Jennifer Wallis Senior Advisor 613-790-3201
Jenny ChanFookTin Director, Transformation and Oversight Advisory
Jerome Foldes-Busque Manager, Use Cases for Digital Credentials 613-220-9700
Jessica Romkey Analyst/Advisor 613-979-0324
Karin Zhou Issues Manager 343-543-8284
Kevin Herman Senior Business Architect
Kim Mearns (2023) Executive Assistant 343-572-0929
Kimberly Shelp (2023) Oversight Executive 613-617-2336
Krista Ainslie Advisor/Economist
Kristian Ewen Free Agent, posted to 613-295-0886
Laurel Suess-Kinastowski Director 343-543-7779
Lorraine Wernikowski Senior Advisor 343-597-6212
Marcus Reid IT Technical Advisor 613-222-9232
Mariana Brandao Manager, Policy Development 343-576-5543
Mark Levene Director, Innovation and Integration 343-571-1709
Megan Misztal (2023) EPM Communications and Change Management Lead 343-550-5789
Michael Taylor Director of Portfolio Integration 613-863-4978
Michael Goit Director, Digital Credentials Policy and Agreements 343-549-5923
Mitchell Kearney Analyst, Strategic Policy
Nelson Conceicao Manager 343-572-8765
Nicole Power Analyst
Owen Teo Director 613-301-4894
Pascale Elvas Executive Director, Strategy 613-854-1587
Paul Jackson Director, Digital Trust 613-791-7902
Paul Faure (2023) Senior IT Analyst 613-808-5929
Paul Wagner Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategy & Transformation 613-410-8474
Philippe Allard Senior Advisor 343-575-9685
Pirthipal Singh Executive Director, Digital Credentials 613-324-7570
Rachel Muston Free Agent
Rebecca Nava Senior Advisor on Product Management 343-549-2872
Robert Weststrate (2023) Partnership Lead 343-572-7476
Rod Story Expert Advisor 613-296-2389
Samuel Van Dusen Issues Manager
Shamima Khan Director
Shaun Turner Senior Director, Transformation Enablement Team 613-986-0108
Sheila Morris Senior Advisor 613-462-8591
Sheila Hubbard Chief of Staff/Senior Advisor 613-219-4124
Stephen Yates Director of Product, Sign in Canada 343-551-8847
Susan Snow (2023) Senior Director
Tania Louisseize (2023) Acting Director
Tara Carroll (2023) Projects Officer 613-698-9296
Thea Wallace (2023) FSWEP Student
Thomas Hoy Free Agent
Vernon von Finckenstein (2022) Transformation Enablement 613-369-9649
Veronique Aumont (2023) Senior Innovation and Change Advisor
Victoria Kosiba Issues Manager 343-573-5862
Virginia Dyet Policy Analyst 343-576-5080
Wissam Moussa Director, Enterprise Technology Solutions 343-572-5082
Yannick Newton Director, Digital Credentials Program 613-293-8172
Yvonne McKinnon Sr. Policy Analyst 613-290-2228