Name Title Telephone Number
Alexandra Braun Economic Policy Analyst
Ann Marie Williams Sr Policy and Program Officer
Beth MacDonald (2023) Manager and Advisor
Caroline Marinier (2024) Correspondence Assistant
Danielle Aubin Sr Director
Dolores Coelho Sr Program Officer 819-956-9836
Eric Grenon Economic Policy Analyst 873-353-9834
Gabrièle Mathieu Monger Policy Analyst
Jacinthe Massé (2022) Sr Economic Policy Analyst 819-360-8047
Josiahs Cook (2024) Economic Policy Officer
Khaled Belahbib (2023) Program Officer 819-360-1303
Krystal Maloney Sr Program Manager
Mark Schizkoske Advisor
Mathieu Lehoux Economic Policy Analyst
Myriam Lacelle (2022) Executive Assistant 819-712-3169
Renee Cadieux Business / Policy Development Analyst 819-953-9112
Sarah Natour Policy Analyst
Stacey Mucha (2024) Program and Policy Officer 306-501-4238
Stephanie Tang (2023) Program Officer
Terry Faubert Manager Strategic Policy 613-818-2574