Librarian and Archivist of Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Andrew Maxwell Junior Officier, ATIP 905-926-8245
Diane Landry Executive Correspondence and Info. Management Coord. 819-360-1736
Erika Séguin (2023) Junior Analyst Personnel Records 819-210-8041
Francesco Manganiello Chief of Staff | Director International Affairs 873-455-1103
Hélène Painchaud (2023) IT 819-968-3265
Ivair Resendes Junior ATIP Officer, Archives Branch 613-617-3959
Jose Gaspard (2023) Consultant 613-858-8635
Kaelan Lewis-Harvey (2023) Assistant Archivist 613-981-7367
Laura Heron (2023) Project Manager 613-854-0918
Laura Armstrong (2023) ATIP Clerk 343-203-2163
Leslie Weir Librarian and Archivist of Canada 819-934-5800
Linda Savoie LAC Foundation 613-000-0000
Loïc Dumas A/Director, Intl Affairs and Stakeholder Relations 613-462-3502
Lynn Gorman Executive Correspondence and Info. Management Coord. 613-617-1008
Marie-Michelle Landry Parliamentary Affairs Coordinator 819-661-4257
Neetu Singh Executive Correspondence and Information Management Coord. 613-769-5440
Roxane Maisonneuve (2022) Executive Assistant 819-934-5800
Sandra Nicholls (2022) Senior Writer 613-854-4524
Valérie Maillot Manager, Executive Services 613-852-7659
Yves Cossette (2023) Temporary Help Services