Professional and Technical Services


Name Title Telephone Number
Alan Uyeno Maintenance Management Specialist 604-787-4457
Alex Taheri SPM 778-939-6704
Amber Magnusson (2024) Project Technician 236-330-6106
Behzad Mehrabadi (2024) Discipline Engineer - electrical 604-313-1723
Bruce Tweddle Maintenance Management Specialist 604-314-8781
Calvin Lu Senior Project Manager 604-376-9324
Carolyn Leong Project Team Leader 604-318-3336
Cassandra Rempel (2024) Project Liason Officer 778-987-7709
Celina Liu Geomatics Officer 236-330-3397
Chris Bryenton (2024) Senior Land Surveyor 604-314-2572
Christina Tavares Strategic Advisor 604-360-5234
Daniel Vuong (2024) Business Support Clerk 236-334-5453
Danny Wong Architect 604-671-5367
Darlene Thorne Administrative Officer 250-216-3168
Daryl Sinclair Regional Manager, Project Management 604-313-5537
David Low Asset Manager 778-788-2594
Dilys Baird Property and Facilities Officer 778-988-2620
Erroll Tokay Senior Maintenance Management Specialist, Electrical 604-816-3610
Eugene Yeung Senior Project Manager 604-679-8191
Eva Chen Project Coordinator 604-356-7072
Francis Tanner Architect 604-404-3652
Geeta Bath Asset Manager 604-655-2935
George Strazicich Structural Engineer 604-376-7971
Greg Robertshaw Electrical Engineer 604-751-1236
Ian Robertson Geomatics Regional Manager 604-666-7765
Ian Darke Geomatics Project Manager 604-666-7728
Jaimie Lee Senior Maintenance Management Specialist, Architecture 604-404-4755
Jason Cheng Discipline Engineer 236-330-2088
Jerome Ip Senior Engineer 778-773-9432
Jerry Chen (2024) Project Manager 604-753-9098
Jimmy Ng Regional Discipline Manager, Mechanical 778-707-6904
John Jeglum Senior Maintenance Management Specialist 250-216-8040
Jon Siska (2024) Project Team Leader 250-363-6977
Joseph Selinger Project Accommodation Officer 604-250-4567
Josko Dujmovic Project Officer - Contracts 604-796-3127
judy wong Property and Facility Manager 604-360-9161
Julian Ho Senior Project Manager 604-612-8806
Kai Mark Discipline Engineer 604-365-0089
Karen Law Geomatics Technologist 604-404-4967
Kelvin Chan A/Regional Manager 236-330-0757
Kevin Loukes Civil Engineer 604-354-1484
Kristine Choi Business Support Clerk 236-330-4511
Leanne Ridley Property and Facility Manager 604-360-8224
Lisa Banxachai Regional Director, Professional and Technical Services 778-389-4916
Lissa Cattunar (2024) Project Technician 604-366-9740
Mandy Louie Property and Facilities Officer 604-340-8242
Mark Van Beek Senior Project Manager 306-514-2423
Mark Burger A/ Regional Manager Architectural and Engineering Services 604-376-0596
Marvin Ng Senior Project Manager 604-318-0725
Max Cheng architect 604-396-2955
Melanie Smikle-DeCorby Senior Geomatics Analyst 604-345-6289
Melissa Higgs Property and Facilities Officer 604-787-3770
Michelle Simard Administrative Officer 604-318-3501
Nathalie McGee A/Asset Manager 604-318-8125
Nelson Fu (2024) Project Technician 236-335-6093
Nicky Dhillon Technical Services Officer 778-835-1746
Oluseun Omotoso Senior Project Manager 236-330-5457
Orest Klufas Manager of Architecture 604-367-6502
Patrick Truong Quality Officer/ Project Manager 778-580-5706
Pei-Chin Tsai Discipline Engineer 604-209-5728
Philip Tam Project Manager 778-668-9027
Philip Fung Regional Discipline Manager, Engineering 604-367-8507
Preetipal Paul Project Director 604-788-5100
Ruby Brandel Property and Facility Manager 604-353-0836
Sandy Smithbower Project Advisor 604-418-2802
Sarah Kavanagh (2024) Geomatics Project Manager 778-986-2857
Shane Adams Geomatics Officer 604-666-4864
Sie Lassen (2024) A/Issues Coordinator 604-362-0281
Stephanie Schreder Asset Manager 236-785-8534
Stephanie Pankratz Business Support Clerk 778-999-9999
Steven Chan (2024) Project Technician 236-330-3581
Susan Coles Senior Project Manager 236-334-7184
Susanna Ng (2024) Advisor 604-274-0359
Thomas Wai Project Technician 778-953-3471
Tina Beaulieu Business Support Clerk 604-346-8902
Tony Tang Senior Project Manager 778-580-5701
Trevor Greer Project Manager 236-334-8052
Veysel Aydin (2024) Electrical Engineer 604-537-7070
Vic Papa A/Senior Maintenance Management Specialist 604-360-4717
Voyka Glusac Executive Assistant 236-330-3924
Walter Casol Mechanical Technologist 604-351-7103
Wella Santa Ana Property and Facilities Officer 778-954-8669
Yijin Wen Architect 778-580-5703