Associate Vice-President, Operations


Name Title Telephone Number
Andrea Ellis (2018) Veterinary Science Advisor 613-773-6526
Carla Fauser (2023) Senior Advisor to the Associate Vice-President 306-535-2669
Charlene Yungblut (2022) Senior Advisor to the Associate Vice-President 519-691-1306(106)
David Nanang Acting Vice President 613-773-5930
Eléonore Nkuojip Sado (2022) Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice-President 819-592-1974
Harpreet Kochhar (2017) Associate Vice President, Operations 613-773-6162
Matthew Purchase Enforcement Support Officer 343-212-0548
Melanie Bergeron (2018) Program Coord 613-773-5760
Mez Oliveira Area Manager Import Surveillance 226-217-8465
Nicole Bouchard-Steeves (2021) Associate Vice-President 613-773-5930