Transport Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Ariane Nazroo Senior Advisor, Issues Management 343-552-7778
Carlos Guimond Transportation Security Inspector 514-216-4305
Cecilia Blanchfield (2017) Senior Speech Writer (Eng) 819-994-9475
Chantal Makfan Administrative Services Coordinator 613-991-6416
Chantal Lalonde-Coudriau Administrative Assistant 343-576-8949
Chloe Hartley (2023) Administrative Assistant 613-993-8849
Christian Dumont (2019) Consultant 418-571-7369
Danielle Van Holst A/Projects Officer and Coordinator
Diane Morin Administrative Assistant
Dominique Beland (2023) Unknown
Donald Roussel (2020) Senior Advisor to the ADM, Safety and Security 613-949-2394
Étienne Gaudreault Bourgeois (2023) Unknown
Imani Thomas (2018) Student 613-990-7127
Jean-Francois Arsenault Administrative Services Coordinator
Jeni Legere A/Senior Marine Analyst 343-572-4412
Kabeetah Gopeechund (2022) Administrative Assistant 613-990-7980
Lorraine Plouffe Administrative Assistant 613-993-8941
Luc Lanthier Policy Analyst 343-552-8803
Marie-Andrée Potvin (2020) Administrative Services Coordinator 613-998-5651
Maude St-Hilaire Bolduc Security Policy Advisor
Mélanie Charbonneau Manager, Regulatory Development and Program Intergration 343-551-9570
Meredith Pind (2019) Environmental Preparedness and Response Officer 613-954-1850
Sarah Lauzon Manager, Resources and Management Services 613-762-0788
Taylor Nause Administrative Officer
William Duncan Training Coordinator 902-717-2262