Greater Toronto Area Region


Name Title Telephone Number
Abeid Morgan Assistant Director, Criminal Investigations 905-803-5444
Aiesha Zafar Director, Commercial Operations District 905-676-5075
Anna Guida Assistant Director, Hearings 905-612-6194
Assia Hussain Assistant Director, Immigration Investigations 905-405-3521
Danny Rinaldi Assistant Director, Trade Governance 416-952-3537
David Glos Director, Enforcement and Intelligence Operations Division 905-612-6070
Deepa Jani A/Assistant Director, Trade Verification 905-803-5357
Jeanie Chow Director, Trade Operations Division 905-803-5345
Jenn Nicholson A/Director, Passenger Operations District 905-405-3732
Jerry Jesso Assistant Director, Removals and Screening 905-676-5510
Jonathan Kamin Assistant Director, Detentions and Operations Support 905-612-6066
Joycelyn Jeffers A/Assistant Director, Program Services 905-803-5190
Jyoti Grewal Assistant Director, Human Resources 905-803-5294
Laurelle Doxey Director, Outports and Postal Operations District 905-625-7101
Lisa Janes Regional Director General 905-803-5595
Marija Cuvalo A/Director, Corporate and Program Services Division 905-803-5345
Norm Sheridan Executive Director 905-803-7922
Simone Haughton Assistant Director, Trade Verification 416-973-8153
Wayne Johnson A/Assistant Director, Intelligence Operations 905-803-5551