Workplace Wellness, Compensation and Resourcing Division


Name Title Telephone Number
Anik Laflamme Labour Relations Officer 343-542-7650
Antonio Eslaquit Compensation Advisor 343-542-7442
Beth Blackmore (2021) team Leader, Resourcing, Organization and Classification 613-299-0247
Caroline Béchamp Compensation Advisor 613-290-9830
Caroline Beauchesne (2024) Health and Wellness Officer 343-571-3108
Carolynn Jaye (2023) Senior Classification Officer
Christina Mooney Human Resources Coordinator 343-571-2617
Danielle Harrison Classification Officer
Gerald James Human Resources Advisor 343-542-7648
Gina Hearn (2023) Team Leader, Resourcing, Organization and Classification 343-542-9322
Ginette Godard Senior Human Resources Advisor 613-286-3973
Gisèle Chamberland Human Resources Coordinator 343-540-9403
Guylaine Noël (2024) HR Program Officer 343-542-7484
Heidi Wechselberger Senior Classification Officer 613-296-5260
Ines Guy Compensation Advisor 613-293-3776
Janet Marroquin-Ticas (2024) Human Resources Advisor 343-542-7465
Johanne Beauchamp Compensation Advisor 613-298-4495
Josée Roux Compensation Advisor 613-323-0985
Khadija Daif Human Resources Officer 613-292-3551
Laurie Poulin Human Resources Advisor 343-542-7441
Madeleine Legault Health and Wellness Officer 343-542-7468
Melissa Lucas Charron Administrative Assistant 343-550-5255
Mireille Laprade (2021) Compensation Advisor 343-551-0880
Monique Taillefer Human Resources Coordinator 613-316-9422
Nicolas Monette Health and Wellness Officer 613-299-9657
Ninon Parent Human Resources Coordinator 613-323-0092
Pierre Majeau Senior Project Officer 613-897-7345
Shraddha Gulati (2021) Student
Stephanie Belley Compensation Advisor 613-293-0413
Stéphanie Bédard Human Resources Coordinator
Stéphanie Levesque Human Resources Coordinator - Compensation 343-573-3425
Stephen Morris Team Leader, Organization and Classification 613-314-0826
Suzanne Monette Team Leader, Resourcing 613-290-8695
Theresa Paris Occupational Health and Safety Advisor 613-355-2656
Tina Whitmore Team Leader, Labour Relations and Occupational Health and Safety 343-573-8331
Tracey Sallie D'Crus Director 613-302-5934
Tracy Charsley Human Resources Advisor 343-573-8172
Trinity Vo (2022) Student
Zaineb Boucham Human Resources Officer 343-573-8334