IT Operations and Service Delivery Division


Name Title Telephone Number
Abdallah Elayan Technical Service Agent 343-574-7009
Alfredo Hadad (2023) Team Leader, Service Transformation Incubator 343-550-0991
Alina Matveeva Baseline Management Analyst 613-612-7821
André Lamoureux Technical Service Analyst 613-294-8555
Celia Hautfenne-Jewer Records and Information Management Coordinator 343-630-0790
Chantal Gagnon Technical Service Agent 613-793-7320
Christopher Wiedman Chef d'équipe, relations internationales 613-299-8745
Colin Giles Library and Information Management Coordinator 343-598-5783
Cristian Salinas-O'Neill (2021) Technical Service Agent 343-548-1182
Daniel Genest (2021) Technical Service Agent 613-218-4516
Elayne Laakso Technical Service Analyst 613-282-2255
Emily Gusba (2021) Director 613-995-9962
Geoffre Lalonde (2021) Technical Service Agent 343-549-0774
Gerard Dugas (2021) Technical Service Agent 613-293-6835
Giselle De Sousa IT Procurement and Asset Management Administrator 905-965-2684
Jacques Quidoz (2023) Records Administrator 343-550-2257
Kaveh Najafzadeh (2023) Technical Service Agent 343-543-1524
Kenneth Apenteng (2023) Technical Service Agent
Leonardo Fusser (2023) Student
Lucie Bourbonnais Information and Data Officer 343-573-8336
Lyne Dicaire (2022) Coordinator, Records Services 343-542-7634
Marie-Claude Robillard (2024) IT Procurement and Asset Management Administrator 343-551-5267
Marie-Josée Duquette Telecommunications and Asset Management Officer 613-850-0017
Mario Carisse Technical Service Analyst 613-324-0882
Martin Ross Technical Service Agent 613-327-4486
Martin Bédard (2023) Records Administrator 343-548-8643
M'hamed Bouassila (2024) Technical Service Agent 343-551-3271
Michael Deskin Team Leader, Information and Data Management 613-851-7341
Michel Madden Electronic Document Management Officer 343-540-8726
Muhammad Atif Khan ATIP Officer 343-597-2015
Nancy Richard Director 343-551-9194
Nelson Alberto Baseline Management Analyst 613-295-7864
Pauline Thistle Team Leader, Information Services 613-266-8247
Philip Dubuc Senior ATIP Advisor 613-296-5403
Sarah Ghazi (2023) Librarian 343-551-0472
Suzanne Larondeau Technical Service Agent 343-549-0526
Sylvia Ladanyi ATIP Officer 613-853-0051
Trevor Browne Team Leader, IT Operations 343-549-8420
Turner Wigginton Information and Data Management Analyst 343-571-1713
Valaruthy Indran (2023) Library and Information Management Coordinator 343-542-7661