National Capital Region


Name Title Telephone Number
Abiodun Ashcroft (2023) Coordinator, Real Property Management
Agnieszka Sakanovic (2017) Coordinator, Contract Services 613-991-2375
Alexis Fairbairn (2022) Coordinator, Environmental Services 613-943-8021
Allyson Archer Coordinator, Environmental Services 613-541-5010 x3466
Amanda Shane Leader, Area Program 613-889-4949
Amber Cottle (2020) Project Assistant
Anas Choukri (2017) Administrator, Systems 613-993-2175
Antoine am Rhyn Regional Service Line Leader, Contract Services 613-991-9303
Assaad Nohra (2017) Team Leader, Contract Services 613-998-9572
Barbara Flight Manager, Real Property Operations Support (NCR)
Ben Horgan (2023) Project Assistant
Bill Fremis (2023) Technical Specialist, Fire Protection Engineering 819-939-4971
Bonnie McTiernan-Craig (2016) Team Leader, Contract Services 613-991-9358
Brian Newton Regional Service Line Leader, Contract Services 613-949-5857
Brigitte Trau Technical Specialist, Project Management 613-218-1240
Camille Bedard (2023) Administratve Assistant 613-949-6917
Daniel Clarke Coordinator, Environmental Services 613-993-2382
David Martin (2017) Regional Service Line Leader, Real Property Management Srvcs 613-991-5895
Elizabeth Mah Regional Director 613-949-7718
Eric Ndayambaza Coordinator Contract Services
Erin McGlade (2022) Coordinator, Real Property Management
Fortuna-Sophia Konan Coordinator, Contract Services 613-991-9356
Grace Chan (2018) Administrative Assistant 613-998-1002
Graham Yantha Leader, Area Program 613-838-4756 x2596
Heba Choucrallah (2016) Administrative Assistant 613-998-1002
Heidi Sia-Ho Hoang (2021) Team Leader, Programs 613-991-2375
Irena Dodik Technical Specialist, Project Management 613-991-2968
Isabelle Wellein-Trottier Administrative Assistant, Industrial Security
John Blasko Special Project Manager 613-949-7720
Jordanna Weber (2020) Administrative Assistant 613-949-7726
Julie Demers (2019) Team Leader, Contract Services 613-991-6702
Justine Loader Technical Specialist, Real Property Management 613-687-5511 x2787
Karen Risto Coordinator, Environmental Services 613-949-6918
Karin Pullin (2018) Coordinator, Contract Services 613-991-9356
Katrine Dupuis (2018) Coordinator, Contract Services 613-998-9572
Keshav Sobnath (2019) Coordinator, Contract Services 613-949-9711
Kristen Williams (2017) Coordinator, Contract Services 613-949-6904
Lauren Shattler (2019) Administrator, Security 613-954-0258
Marie-Claire Wihogora (2021) Administrative Assistant, Security 613-998-8981
Marie-Pier Juneau (2019) Administrative Assistant, Industrial Security 613-949-7920
Marie-Pier Lavivanh (2019) Administrative Assistant, Industrial Security 613-949-7920
Mark Barbeau Regional Operations Manager 613-986-1003
Maryam Mohammadzadeh Technical Specialist, Project Management 613-949-6902
Maxime Vadeboncoeur (2020) Technical Specialist, Real Property Management 613-991-5566
Mazen Shuhaibar (2020) Coordinator, Real Property Management 613-555-5555
Michael Langsford Regional Service Line Leader, Project and Program Mgmt Srvcs 613-949-6903
Michelle Flynn Coordinator, Regional Administration and Industrial Security 613-949-7718
Michelle Carriere Manager, Real Property Operations Support (NCR) 613-990-7789
Mike Freemark (2017) Coordinator, Contract Services 613-991-9303
Miranda Qanatsiaq (2021) Real Property Assistant
Nguyen Van-Khanh (2017) Technical Specialist, Project Management 613-991-7377
Nicholas Cleroux (2021) Receptionist 613-949-3621
Pascale Régimbald Administrative Assistant
Paul Eden (2019) Technical Specialist, Procurement 780-418-5839
Peng Lim (2017) Coordinator, Contract Services 613-949-9711
Rania Kiser (2020) Coordinator, Professional Services Contracts
Renee Poitras (2017) Administrative Assistant 613-949-7920
Samantha Roeske Regional Service Line Leader, Environmental Services 613-998-9543
Samantha Correia (2021) Administrative Assistant 613-949-7726
Sandra Chartier Administrative Assistant, Security 613-998-1002
Sandra Heidel Technical Specialist, Fire Protection Engineering 613-687-5511 x2791
Santina Pica (2016) Coordinator, Facility Management 613-991-7664
Sarah Rahmer Team Leader, Programs 613-993-1448
Sheila Mills (2017) Administrative Assistant 613-998-1002
Sindy Ngai (2020) Administrative Assistant 613-949-7726
Stewart Dafoe Regional Service Line Leader, Construction Services 613-991-5895
Tim Huras Technical Specialist, Real Property Management
Touyobyam-Thierry-Roland Compaore (2020) Coordinator, Contract Services 613-993-1475
Tyler McKim (2020) Technical Specialist, Real Property Management 613-949-5593
Zinnia Segura (2023) Administrative Assistant, Security 613-998-8976