Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Section (WC)


Name Title Telephone Number
Alexandre Michaud Senior Historian 613-292-0325
Andrea Shahin Counsel 514-496-4070
Anne Roger Financial and Contract Assistant 613-948-6927
Anne-Marie Poitras Counsel 613-946-1296
Anne-Renée Touchette Counsel 514-283-3391
Bandeja Yamba Senior Historian/Analyst 613-946-3764
Brad Hyslop Paralegal 613-946-1298
Candice Tremblay Executive Assistant 613-946-0301
Catherine Bureau Counsel 613-954-3611
Chantal Thérien Administrative Officer
Cheryl Mufuta (2024) Legal Assistant 343-598-0519
Claudia Poulin Legal Assistant
Cydney Link-Melnyk (2023) Project Coordinator
Deena El-Sawy Counsel 343-576-6028
Dieudonné Detchou (2023) Counsel 613-954-3611
Gilese Turner Counsel 613-954-2668
Gina Ethier Administrative Assistant 819-994-6020
Gordana Bozic Senior Historian/Analyst 613-954-7927
Helena Chuda (2022) Legal Assistant 613-941-3051
Jane Conly Counsel 780-495-2950
Karine Bisson Junior Paralegal 343-573-4802
Karyn Simpson Senior Paralegal and Manager, Case Support Unit 613-799-2474
Katharine Sams Senior Historian/Analyst 613-946-3762
Khodabocus Amreen (2023) Legal Assistant
Leon Perez Counsel
Marie-Claude Roberge Senior Counsel and Team Leader 613-941-0733
Martin Lagassé Counsel 514-234-3657
Mary-Jane Zohr (2024) Legal Assistant 343-541-7648
Miriam Proulx Paralegal 613-941-3404
Monique Kennedy (2024) Administrative Officer 613-462-1546
Nadia Zed Deputy Director and Senior Counsel 613-946-2217
Nathalie Chartrand-Chabot (2023) Manager, Administrative Services 343-550-5328
Norman Farrell Senior Counsel
Rahmatullah Noori (2023) Legal Assistant
Sarah Sherhols (2024) Senior Counsel and Team Leader 613-992-6519
Sid Rashid Counsel 613-954-7815
Sidney Thompson Counsel 613-941-4187
Svetlana Kritenko Paralegal 613-513-6563
Terry Beitner Director and General Counsel 613-954-2351
Tommy Moreau Paralegal 613-946-0521
Vénus Schaler Administrative Coordinator 613-301-6491