Bus Solution Development - Corp and Comm Enterprise Systems


Name Title Telephone Number
Alison Anderson a/Director, Business Solutions Development - Corporate & Common Enterprise Systems 873-416-1097
Bran Gebremedhin Sr Agent ALM 873-416-1350
Bryan Szucs Dévelop d'affaires Systemes d'entreprises 873-416-1767
Charles Simpson Project Manger 873-416-1745
Christopher Saikaley Consultant 873-416-1715
Claude Blais Programmer-Analyst 873-415-0484
Daphne Caron-Lafreniere (2022) Administrative Officer 873-416-0656
Darrell Armstrong IT Analyst, Software Solutions 873-416-1102
David Risser-Hewitt Testing Coordinator 873-416-1688
Don Wang Lead Technical Advisor 873-416-1808
Erin Broome Analyste d?affaires / systèmes | Business / Systems Analyst Teleworking
Eva Jackson Programmer-Analyst Teleworking
Gianpiero Beraldin Acting Technical Advisor, Application 873-416-1132
Irving Fu Technical Advisor 873-416-1333
James Backa Team Leader Application Development 873-416-1112
Kang Liao Program Analyst 873-416-1524
Marcel Primeau QA Specialist / Analyst 873-416-1661
Marie-Claude Germain Application devevelopment, data bases and data administration, CFAS & PF 873-416-1354
Mirza Baig Tester Confidential
Paul Mateus Corporate Reporting & Product Management 873-416-1559
Roland ten Holder Technical Advisor, Application Development 873-416-1772
Stephen Buch Project Leader 873-416-1183
Valentina Kirnishni Programmer Analyst 873-416-1432
Xiaodong Li Program Analyst 873-416-1522
Yan Li .NET Developer 873-416-1523
Yinyan Zhou Tester 873-416-1829
Yunfei Shang Database Analyst, Database and Data Administration 873-416-1735