Office of the Chief Financial Officer


Name Title Telephone Number
Elodie Veloso FSN Agent 873-416-2159
Elsa Xiomara Jerez Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-2086
Francine Lafrance Chief Corporate Accounting 873-416-1451
Francois Latulippe Financial and Administrative Officer 873-416-1942
Geneviève Rollin - 873-416-1698
Gerald McCarron Special Advisor 873-416-1841
Helen Ypil Financial and Administrative Assistant 873-416-1739
Jacinthe Renaud-Séguin Manager, Field Finance Services 873-416-1682
Julien Renaud Supervisor, Ongoing Operations 873-416-2190
Kaiwen Huang FSN Agent 873-416-1465
Luiz Perri Chief, Corporate Financial Planning and Costing 873-416-1645
Marc Limoges Chief Financial Officer 873-416-0889
Marcel Renaud Financial Management Advisor 873-416-1680
Martin Arnold Financial Analyst 873-416-0787
Michel Milliard Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-1583
Olusola Victor Somosu Change Coordinator 873-416-0620
Peter Lachance Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-0910
Pina Buda Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-0626
Samar Hammoud Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-0815
Shane Kearns Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-0802
Sharon Sinfield Telephone agent 873-416-1923
Simon Perreault-Laurin Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-0758
Stephen Owei Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-1065
Taylor Desjardins Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-1763
Terra Churchill Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-1215
Wyatt Baldwin Accounting Officer 873-416-0530