Research, Consultations and Civic Education


Name Title Telephone Number
Aboubacar Dakuyo Policy analyst 873-416-1248
Anaïs Bertrand-Dansereau Analyst 873-416-1136
Asif Hameed Reference Officer 873-415-0475
Graham Laurie Policy and Research Analyst 873-416-1483
Jocelyn Flenon Outreach Officer 873-416-1320
Katherine Boyes Communications Officer 873-416-1934
Miriam Lapp Senior Director, Research, Consultations and Civic Education 873-416-1471
Nicole Fournier-Sylvester Assistant Director, Stakeholder Mobilization 873-416-0178
Pantea Behroozi Research Officer 879-416-0624
Rebecca Bothwell Reference Officer 873-416-1161
Samuel Routley Research Analyst N/A
Sophie Ehlebracht Law Student 873-416-1300