Web and Public Enquiries


Name Title Telephone Number
Amanda Cuffari Enquiries Officer 873-416-2083
Annabel Turpin Enquiries Officer 873-416-0166
Anne-Marie Lalonde WEB Manager 873-416-1457
Carl Jetté Acting DirectorEC Contact Centres 873-416-0840
Chanel Seguin Enquiries Officer 873-416-1729
Christine Cantin Logistics Officer 873-416-1195
Daniel Fischer Director, Digital Media 873-416-0827
Daniel Schlievert Stat. and Enquiries Off. 873-416-0869
Daniel Graf Senior Officer 873-416-0833
Georges Richard Programmeur Web 873-416-0865
Jaline Sritharan Web Production Manager 873-416-1756
Jannine Atkinson Outreach Officer 873-416-1108
Jean-François Germain Manager - Public Enquiries Unit 873-416-0829
Judith Tantoh Health and Safety Assistant 873-416-0734
Kevin Miles Enquiries Officer 873-416-0737
Liliane Lefebvre Enquiries Officer Teleworking
Sarah Bristow Junior Web Officer 873-416-1176
Shanelle Tremblay Project Officer 873-416-0635
Sharmila Biswas-Mistry Senior Project Officer 873-416-1143
Stéphanie Boutet Enquiries Officer 873-416-1169
Steven Ogden - 873-416-0644
Veronic Charette Enquiries Officer 873-416-1267
Vincent Menard Enquiries Officer 873-416-0651
Zheyu Shi WEB Officer 873-416-1738