Name Title Telephone Number
Adrienne Stevens Manager/Unit Head, Epidemiology and Biostatistics 226-750-6866
Aislinn Lupish (2024) Project Administrator Executive Assistant 343-574-9232
Aleksandra Wierzbowski Senior Epidemiologist 431-276-4329
Althea House Manager Immunization ProgramCentre for Immunization Readiness 613-219-5903
Anastassia Howarth Behavioural Scientist 343-575-6765
Anatoly Miroshnichenko 519-826-2641
Andrea Gilpin Director 343-571-3157
Angela Sinilaite Scientific Project Coordinator 613-296-3305
Angela Harris Laboratory Technician 204-789-6518
April Killikelly Senior Scientific Project Coordinator, National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) 613-327-2192
Ashley Raffoul (2024) Administrative Assistant 613-797-7121
Auralee Gettis Senior Policy Analyst 306-216-2130
Brittany Fantham Program Officer 343-553-4594
Bryna Warshawsky Dr 226-378-8233
Carine Sielinou Makuissu EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT 613-294-6408
Carli-Ann Marsh Management Administrative Officer 343-543-0117
Carolyn Ellis Project Officer 343-550-0091
Christine Mauviel Project Manager 613-617-5165
Christine Bolduc Sr Admin Officer 613-292-4265
Colleen McKenny Executive Assistant, CVTR, DGO, Public Health Agency of Canada 343-571-8889
Daniel Malone A/Issues Manager 782-640-3187
Elissa Abrams Dr 204-588-7022
Emily Matthews FSWEP Student 613-402-9132
Emma Deeks 343-553-4591
Emma R Lee Biologist 204-789-6512
Erica Tice Senior Policy Analyst 343-572-4942
Erin Fisher Senior Program Officer 613-294-9169
Erin Corrigan Policy Analyst 343-549-0942
Erin Szidonya Biologist 204-789-5067
Fabienne Glauser Senior Policy Analyst 343-550-5895
Faizan Khan Epidemiologist 613-864-1961
Fiann Crane Nurse Advisor, Canadian Immunization Guide, (NACI) Secretariat 613-294-1224
Gordon Roy Director, Horizontal Operations and Issues Management 514-220-5287
Hailey Silver Epidemiologist 519-766-7840
Hala El-Nader (2024) Junior Program Officer 343-549-6533
Heather Deehan Executive Director, Vaccine Distribution and Logistics 343-572-4961
Heather M Gillis Policy Analyst 613-882-3394
Hilary Seddon Policy Analyst 343-542-3482
Hui Zheng Senior Epidemiologist 613-790-3206
Iman Abdishukri (2024) Nurse Advisor 343-541-6813
Iman Shiekh Policy Analyst 343-572-8105
Jason Benz shipper/receiver 204-789-7634
Jeffrey Thiessen Bioinformatician 204-789-7667
Jeremy Kennedy Consultant 613-293-1918
Jessica L Robinson Acting Chief of Staff to the Interim Director General 613-619-1285
Jian-Wei Huang 416-275-3783
Jillian Cragg Senior Policy Analyst 782-641-2249
John A Gordon Vaccine Surveillance Officer 613-878-1544
Jordan Koll (2024) Scientific Information Architect 204-784-7504
Joseline Zafack Senior Epidemiologist 343-573-3912
Joshua Muncaster Senior Policy Advisor/Manager, Vaccine Supply and Assurance 613-355-2670
Kathleen Martin Administrative Assistant 613-558-9907
Katie Rutledge-Taylor Manager 613-286-8129
Kaylie Tran (2024) Technician 204-789-5065
Kelly Phillips Manager, Horizontal Policy 416-434-5118
Kelly Janssen Shipper / Receiver 204-984-3053
Laura Bland-Lasso Senior Policy Analyst 343-549-1818
Leanne Mcdonell Senior Planning Analyst Analyste principale de la plannification 613-295-6543
Leena S Ghadban Senior Program Officer, Program Development 613-295-2370
Linlu Zhao Senior Policy Analyst 343-541-9179
Lisa Hrynuik Chief of Staff 613-796-9467
Lisa Currie Manager, Policy Development 343-542-4800
Lisa Moloughney Senior Program Officer, Employee Engagement 343-573-8793
Mai-Lan Johnston Policy Analyst
Makenzie Weekes Manager, Policy Development 613-219-8682
Mandy Stan Senior Advisor 343-552-2481
Maria Guirguis Epidemiologist 587-338-9142
Marie-Christine Lamontagne Manager, Immunization Support & Knowledge Mobilization 343-549-3538
Marino D'Andrea Facility Manager 204-789-5004
Matthew Tunis Executive Secretary, National Advisory Committee on Immunization 613-614-3818
Megan Annable Policy Analyst 343-543-2065
Meghan Graham Senior Advisor 343-573-9863
Meika Richmond Technician 204-789-7072
Michele Mousseau Bailey (2024) 613-294-6887
Michelle Ferron 249-377-5373
Mina Azad Research Analyst 343-333-4065
Mu Rong Xing (2024) Data Analyst
Natalie Gravelle A/Director 613-410-7097
Nayaar Islam (2024) Epidemiologist 343-573-8564
Nayla Lampsos Executive Assistant 613-297-1910
Nicola Scahill Senior Policy Analyst
Nicole Forbes Senior Scientific Project Coordinator 613-447-6450
Nicole Winters Senior Policy Analyst 343-573-3187
Nima Mohamed Nurse Advisor 343-573-2518
Patricia Barcellos Senior Vaccine Supply Officer 613-219-6912
Pershia Razempour (2024) Senior Program Officer 604-346-9283
Rachel Kirkland Manager 343-541-9779
Ramya Krishnan Scientific Project Coordination Biologist 613-859-7589
Renee Goddard Sr Business and Program Manager, National Advisory Committee on Immunization 613-415-7289
Rosa Yorke Project Officer 613-859-5072
Sandra Leslie (2024) Senior Program Officer 343-572-9873
Sarah Tohme (2024) EG-04 Research Technician 204-789-6024
Saya Mahler Chief of Staff 343-573-5694
Serena Ewasiuk (2024) Program Advisor 587-341-8753
Shainoor Ismail Senior Medical Specialist 780-901-7999
Shalini Desai (2024) Medical Specialist, Vaccine Preventable Diseases 416-952-2238
Siobhan Kelly Program Officer 343-574-4048
Stephie Pierre Research Analyst 581-443-0194
Su Hyun Lim Information Specialist
Tamara Anderson Senior Program Officer 226-820-4666