Access to Information Policy and Performance Division (AIPPD)


Name Title Telephone Number
Ada Oliver Analyst 343-549-6367
Alaa Ghlaissia (2023) Junior Analyst
Alexandra Marchand (2022) Analyst/Advisor 613-371-2479
Ali Reghigh Research Analyst 343-551-8165
Andrew Dzuba Advisor 343-543-7672
Anya Fraser Analyst/Advisor 613-323-0464
Arianna Faucitano (2022) Junior Analyst
Barbara Dundas Director, Outreach and Reporting 613-277-4897
Chantale Davis Coordinator, ATIP Community Engagement 613-791-7702
Charles Taillefer Executive Director - ATI Policy and Performance 343-543-9594
Colum Grove-White (2023) A/Director, Access to Information Review 343-542-1854
Ian Reid Senior Advisor 613-818-3429
Jackson Morgan Policy Analyst 613-299-7184
Jean-Francois Germain Senior Policy Analyst 613-402-3306
Karin Fuller Lead, Outreach and Engagement 613-513-6962
Katherine Beriault Policy Analyst 343-572-5089
Leila Louis (2023) Junior Policy Analyst
Marcus Leonard (2023) Manager, Access to Information Policy 613-219-3645
Marianne Leblanc Advisor, Access to information policy 613-355-4851
Marie-Michèle Demers Program and Policy Analyst 613-462-7741
Michael Pittana Administrative Coordinator 343-550-7790
Narayanan Iyer (2023) Senior Policy Advisor 613-415-6703
Natalia Jaczkowski Policy Analyst 613-299-3718
Natalie Cléroux (2023) Information and Data Officer 613-618-2192
Natalie Acres Director, Access to Information Policy 343-572-5215
Nelia Rodriguez Drouin Analyst 613-266-7903
Nerusa Balasubramaniam (2022) CO-OP Student
Parker VanWyck (2023) Coordinator 343-540-6650
Patrick Gray Policy/Program Analyst 613-296-0927
Sa Yu Analyst/Advisor 613-296-1509
Serge Demers Manager, Community Engagement and Development 613-295-5136
Sharon Embaye Analyst 613-617-0428
Sudipta Verma (2023) Junior Analyst Co-op Student 613-513-6962
Yousra Ghazi Junior Analyst 613-324-6529
Zoairia Haque Junior Analyst