Canada Revenue Agency


Name Title Telephone Number
(Van)Hoang Pham A/Senior Program Officer 613-941-7209
4. Yasothai Thayaparan Property Facilities Officer 613-617-0834
A Morin Collections Contact Officer 866-229-0827 x5468
A Laporte Collections Contact Officer 866-229-0827 x4230
A Paquette Collections Contact Officer 866-229-0827 x5093
A Duchaine Collections Contact Officer 866-229-0827 x5198
A Descôteaux Collections Contact Officer 866-229-0827 x5236
A Tousignant Collections Contact Officer 800-675-6191 x_____
A Giroux Collections Contact Officer 866-229-0827 x4289
A Tourigny Collections Contact Officer 866-229-0827 x4314_
A Pellerin Collections Contact Officer 866-229-0827 x4588
A Jebari Collections Contact Officer 866-229-0827 x4911
A Gilbert-Audet Collections Contact Officer 866-229-0827 x4040
A. F. Gélinas Collections Contact Officer 866-229-0827 x5675
A.-M. Beaulieu Collections Contact Officer 866-229-0827 x4616
Aarne Kaki 416-973-8692
Aaron Rosenberg (2019) Principal Policy Analyst 613-946-2689
Aaron Menchions Team Leader 613-850-2514
Aaron Murphy (2018) Statistical Research Analyst 613-957-7581
Aaron Côté (2019) Ministerial Correspondence Officer 613-946-5624
Aaron Kozak Programs officer 613-941-7394
Aaron Hannah IT Analyst/Developer 613-957-9328
Aaron Hubbs Acting Senior Programs Officer 613-391-2673
Aaron Schneider, (2020) Regional Technical Advisor-Auditor, Aggressive Tax Planning or International 587-489-2555
Aaron Côté Ministerial Correspondence Officer 613-670-8882
Aaron Rosenberg Manager 613-670-0914
Aaron Wicks (2021) Telecommunications Services Officer 343-550-8841
Aaron Schneider (2022) Regional Technical Advisor-Auditor, Aggressive Tax Planning or International 587-489-2555
Aaron Schachner Acting AU-03 - Rulings Officer 514-701-9479
Abbas Zahed IT Developer 613-948-5623
Abbey Bauer (2018) ATIP Analyst, Satellite Office 604-775-7232
Abdeljalil Benkhadda Administrative Clerk
Abdelkader Boukris Collection Contact Agent 438-356-9367
Abdelmajid Nainia Technical Advisor; Collections 514-283-1248
Abderrahman Boukhaffa Senior Project Officer 613-670-8975
AbderRahmane Kermoud Manager 819-271-6533
Abdi Elmi Idleh IT ANALYST/DEVELOPER 613-948-9644
Abdollah Abdala IT Developer
Abdou Ahmed Collection contact officer 438-336-8535
Abdoul Ndungutse (2019) A-Officer 613-948-0068
Abdoul Ndungutse Corporate Executive Services Officer 613-948-1427
Abdoul Rachidi Karimou Policy Analyst 613-941-2274
Abdoulaye Lo (2018) Junior Program Officer 613-960-2303
Abdoulaye Doumbia (2021) HR Services Coordinator 613-946-5314
Abdoulaye Lo (2020) Revocation Tax Officer 613-670-9465
Abdul Fatih Program Analyst 613-670-9593
Abdul-Rahman Alhassan-Abu Quantitative Analyst 613-670-0664
Abe Mansour IT Analyst/Developer 613-948-5649
Abebe Mekonnen Project Leader 613-670-7720
Abed Ahmed Manger 613-218-0081
Abhai Dalvi (2019) IT Infrastructure Support Analyst 613-954-5769
Abhai Dalvi (2021) Senior IT Infrastructure Support Analyst 613-954-9206
Abid Aslam Senior Economist
Abigail Greenidge Senior Programs Officer 613-946-7369
Abou Ba Senior Technical Specialist 613-957-0731
Abou-Hamad Leila Manager 343-549-3522
Abraham Garcia Resource Planning and Analysis Officer 343-291-4947
Abraham Issa (2016) Program Coordinator 613-946-8007
Abraham Rowan (2020) Program/Project Officer 613-960-2379
Abraham Issa A/Assistant Director 613-795-6584
Abu Syed Md Ashraful Alam Khan (2019) IT Developer 613-948-4771
Ace Torres 416-954-4151
Achille Kpomalégni Rulings Officer 819-661-3524
Acquilina Azzimmaturo 450-712-4843
Ada Bello Analyst 236-464-0248
Adaku Osaseri Senior Corporate Officer 343-549-0404
Adaku Osaseri (2021) Senior Programs Officer 613-954-6049
Adam Matheson Planning and Project Support Officer 613-526-6916
Adam Huisman (2019) IT Infrastructure Support Analyst 613-948-6252
Adam Berthiaume (2017) A/Senior Program Officer 613-946-2040
Adam Sullivan Senior Programs Officer 613-957-7429
Adam Hearty A / Programs Officer 613-946-8787
Adam Joyce Junior Quantitative Analyst 613-670-1497
Adam Worobec Manager 613-324-5059
Adam MacNeil Programs Officer 613-941-9814
Adam Monsour Data and Usability Analyst 343-572-1380
Adam Lim Senior Program Analyst 613-670-1380
Adam Boutros National Traffic Coordinator 613-954-0562
Adam Neuman Junior Programs Officer 613-952-8907
Adam Whitehorne Program Coordinator 343-571-4512
Adam Basquill Senior Enterprise Risk Management Analyst
Adama Dao (2021) ATIP Junior Support 613-960-5351
Ade Charette Senior Project/Program Officer 343-573-6204
Adé Charette (2021) Technical Policy Advisor (Acting) 613-670-9605
Adele St. Denis (2019) Administrative Assistant 613-952-1404
Adele Kouamo Djomo Appeals officer 819-371-5746
Adèle Cormier (2016) Manager 613-948-5260
Adèle Lacroix Senior Redress Advisor 613-946-9349
Adèle Guertin (2017) Junior Compliance Programs Officer 613-957-9432
Adèle Rocque (2019) Program/Project Officer 613-960-2204
Adèle Kamnang Senior Program Analyst 418-634-2931
Adelina Tjia Senior Project Officer 416-570-0625
Adeline Asefack Dongmo Resourcing Advisor
Adey El-Rayes Analyst 905-512-8819
Adeyemi Esuola (2019) Policy Analyst 613-952-8282
Adhisha Dewpura A/ Junior Program Officer 343-548-1491
Adianes Garcia (2018) Resource Management Analyst 613-952-2106
Adianes Garcia Resource Management Project Leader 613-850-2138
Adil Zryra Junior Programs Officer 613-941-7034
Adnan Khan Director 613-952-1471