Canadian Institutes of Health Research


Name Title Telephone Number
. . (!) Procurement and Contracting Specialist 613-954-7216
.... .... Procurement and Contracting Specialist 613-957-6118
Aaron Jackson Advisor Research Area, Foundation Scheme 613-948-2771
Abigail Forson Team Lead, Evaluation 613-948-2177
Adam Eikenberry Lead, Membership Management 613-954-1965
Adam Afifi IT Security Risk Management Specialist 343-998-2497
Adelaida (Adel) Bustamante (!) Governance Officer 613-948-5791
Adèle Blanchard (!) Senior Public Affairs Advisor 613-946-3308
Adèle Ngi-Song Program Officer Project Scheme 613-954-0526
Adrian Mota Acting Vice-President, Competition Management 613-218-9347
Adrian Puga Competition Lead 613-952-5728
Alain Beaudet (!) President 613-954-1808
Alana Yuill Chief of Staff 613-957-0529
Alanna Robinson (!) Student, College of Reviewers 613-941-4342
Alannah Brown Project Lead 613-793-0268
Alessandra Boezio (!) Administrative Coordinator 514-312-9036
Alex Poirier Gaboury (!) Project Officer 613-952-0916
Alexandre da Costa (!) Audit and Controls Officer 613-941-0760
Alima Alibhay (!) Project Officer 514-398-5736
Aline Regis Strategic Coordination Officer Program Design and Delivery 613-948-2804
Alison Bourgon (!) Manager, Knowledge Translation Strategy 613-941-4439
Alison Chayka A/ Senior Advisor, Membership Management 613-941-3466
Allen Fang Business Analyst 613-948-2173
Allison Jackson Manager, Recruitment, Learning and Mentoring 613-960-6207
Allison Forsythe Public Affairs Officer 613-941-0200
Alysha Croker (!) Senior Advisor, Science Strategy 613-948-8393
Amanda Lye (!) Senior Briefing and Correspondence Analyst 613-948-2808
Amanda Crupi Associate, Major Initiatives 613-960-6211
Amanda Devost Public Affairs Officer 613-957-8763
Amanda Warnock Records Assistant 613-954-1819
Amine Boudil Lead Research Area, Project Scheme 613-941-0437
Ammayas Khidas Processing Officer, Contact Centre 613-954-1941
Amy Grosset Program Delivery Coordinator 613-948-2780
Anandra Boni Bangari Senior Project Manager (CCV) 613-941-8172
Anastasia (Stacey) Alpous Junior Policy Analyst 613-952-8965
André Fortin Lead, Funding Opportunity Management 613-948-2355
Andrea Smith Manager, Major Initiatives 613-946-5621
Andrea Cook Acting Initiatives Officer 613-941-0935
Andrea D'Agostino (!) Advisor, Learning and Mentoring 613-000-0000
Andreea Galasiu Hardy Funding Opportunities Analyst 613-941-1068
Andrew Archer Business System Analyst 613-948-2005
Andrew McColgan Senior Public Affairs Advisor 613-946-0927
Andrew Rajhathy (!) Acting Initiatives Officer 613-941-4644
Andrew Doré Student 613-948-4637
Angela Cummings (!) Audit and Controls Officer 613-952-9974
Anita Liu (!) Assistant Scientific Director 514-312-9016
Anita Ploj Senior Corporate Advisor 613-954-1817
Ann Gilchrist-Thacker Coordinator 613-948-2398
Anna-Lisa Kates Lead, Foundation Grant Program 613-954-6045
Anna-Maria D'Angelo Branch Administrative Officer 613-954-1953